Shenseea is jealous of Spice.

Shenseea and Spice
Shenseea and Spice

Whether it is her having more lyrics, more fans, more Instagram followers or more melanin, the camp of dancehall artist, Spice, feels like Shenseea is jealous of the self-proclaimed queen of dancehall.

Shenseea has been making big moves over the years including her recent signing to a major American label, Inters cope Records, the first for a female Jamaican artist; the signing also saw her recording a song with rapper Tyga. All of this, however, and Shenseea still trails Spice in terms of popularity. For example on Social Media, Spice has a 25 percent higher following than Shenseea. While Spice boasts a whopping 2 million followers, Shenseea only has 1.5 million.

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Spice not only has a 25 percent lead on Shenseea in terms of Instagram followers but she also has more followers than any other living Jamaican entertainer, only Bob Marley leads her with 4 million followers.

So how has Spice been able to keep a lead over Shenseea despite not being signed to a major label? Well, the raunchy deejay attributes that to her realness and the honest view that she gives the world of Jamaica.

“I think people enjoy my videos, whether it’s gonna be something crazy about my dancers or the excitement that happens within the dancehall space. They also love my live videos cause they know I speak my mind… [Fans] use my page as that go-to to see what is happening in Jamaica. I think they just love my personality.” Spice told a Jamaican tabloid.

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While Shenseea might be jealous of Spice, the Genie deejay has no time for negativity and is too focused on her career to worry about other female stars. She prefers to treat things the way she treated it with her fellow Love and Hip Hop Atlanta co-star, Akbar V, which is to take the high road.



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