Spice says there is unity between her and Shenseea.

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Spice and Shenseea
Spice and Shenseea

In an interview with The Recording Academy, which was published on the Grammy website, dancehall artiste Spice, claims that there is tremendous unity in dancehall and Reggae music, including between her and Shenseea.

“I just want people to know that we are together. I love the unity that’s happening right now within dancehall and reggae music,” Spice claims.

Spice makes this claim despite the fact that just three weeks ago she was disrespecting and disparaging Romeich, who at that point and time was Shenseea’s manager. Not only did she label Romeich as a thief who was stealing Shenseea’s money but she also criticized his physical appearance and referred to him as the “big belly man”.

Instead of taking some responsibility for the part she plays in the current infighting in the dancehall community, the Guh Down Deh singer chose to blame it all on the media.

“Oftentimes, the media puts things out there to make it seem like we’re fighting with each other, fighting against each other,” Spice complained.

Fans are not buying what Spice is saying, however, with some even going as far as saying Spice is jealous of Shenseea and hopes the dancehall princess will fail.  This claim comes after Shenseea’s less than impressive performance at Rolling Loud  in Miami last week and many fans believing that Spice could have given her some tips to do a better performance if not for the jealousy.

“Spice is a great performer and she could help the younger Shenseea to become a performer also.” a fan by the screenname FurySparta claims. “Spice is just afraid that she will be surpassed by Shenseea once the young artist learns how to perform live.


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If Spice is truly jealous of Shenseea, she might be wasting her time.  Spice is looking past Spice and every other female dancehall artist; she is looking at Rihanna, Beyonce, Nicki Minaj and Cardi B.



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