TIGERKONSHUS mixes Reggae, RnB, Dancehall and Hip Hop.


TIGERKONSHUS formerly from Mandeville and Kingston, Jamaica W.I. trod road at Detroit USA, New York, New Jersey, Harlem NY and Hartford. TIGERKONSHUS a Poetic and Artistic Expressive Reggae, RnB Artiste with Dancehall and Hip Hop Flavor. His music integrate Reality of everyday life, Visions and Dreams; Historical Struggle of Generations of People; Uplifting People from struggle and depression; and for sure Love for the Ladies.

He is a conscious Reggae and R&B Artist that chose to express love for poetry and art as related to life struggles in today’s society, history along with visions and dreams.

He performed in New York City, Brooklyn, Harlem, New Jersey, Hartford CT, Detroit MI and more locations…

He has been actively working on his art, poetry, music integration project over 5 years. His Album will hit the streets by midway 2017.



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