Toshroy Turner brings you what’s buzzing.

What's buzzing
What's buzzing

Toshroy Turner is a music producer born in the parish of St. Elizabeth, Jamaica. At the age of 22, he currently produces with Drizzy & Toshroy Music Production in New York. Toshroy had the idea to start a YouTube channel that would provide his viewers with what’s happening on social media in the past week, but with a twist.

On March 5, 2016, Toshroy along with co-host Chan released their debut of What’s Buzzing’s first episode, which was shoot in his apartment in Montego Bay with equipment he made.

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Toshroy and Chan hosted for eight weeks until Toshroy had to brunched off on his own. Whats Buzzing started with three segments: Local Buzz, Entertainment Buzz and International Buzz. Another two segments were added recently, Pic of the week and Video of the week.

Whats Buzzing have a way of capturing it’s viewers with hilarious new videos each week. Whats Buzzing have captivating, comical and dynamic topics to keep its viewers on their toe point.



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