What is the best song on Koffee’s Rapture EP?

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I am not sure if it is a generation gap or if I am completely losing my taste in Reggae Music. I am 33 years old with a 12-year- old daughter and a 10-year-old son. Maybe it came about from them being stuck in the car with me so much but fortunately the three of us have the same taste in music down to favorite songs. Recently we have had the Koffee Rapture EP on repeat in the car. Yes, the same 5 songs playing over and over as I take them to and from school and their various after school activities.

Everything was going well and we were all enjoying Koffee up until last night when I had to face the great reality that my taste and my children’s taste in the music is no longer down to the song. As the EP was playing and got to the song “Blazin”, in the middle of the song I rewind and went back to “Toast”. I really love Toast, especially when she says, “Thank for the journey the earning is just for the plus… gratitude is a must.” But that is when both my children said to me at the same exact time, “mom why are you always skipping the best song on the album?” What? Blazin is the best song on Koffee’s EP? I love Blazin too, all five songs on the EP are masterpieces in my opinion but if I had to rank them it would rank number 5.

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So that’s when I told my children that Toast was the best song on the EP and boy did they let me have it. “Mom, you are crazy,” my daughter responded. “Rapture and Blazin are both better than Toast.”

Then my son chimed in and said, “The beat and the flow on rapture is so sick, I can’t believe you prefer toast.”

Then they asked me to play back Blazin and don’t skip it this time. As it played my daughter said, “Mom listen carefully how could this beautiful song not be your favorite?”

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I am so happy for last night. While I want to have a major influence in my children’s life, I don’t want them to like all the things that I like and I don’t want my favorite in anything to also be their favorite. Last night, I see that despite being around me so much, they are becoming their own people.

I am still interested in seeing if people are in agreement with me or with them, so share your favorite song on the Koffee EP with us.



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