Donald Trump will bring back the draft.

Donald Trump and Micah Johnson

The mention of Donald Trump bringing back a military draft has been swept under the rug. People laugh it off as satire, comedy skit, fake new and everything else except a reality. Those who cannot see that is where the United States is heading under Trump are as blind as bats.

A military draft is a major part of “Make America Great again.”

Trump is talking about the greatest military build-up ever. What is a build up without human resources? Every new warship needs a crew. Every warplane needs pilots. Are will they be all controlled by robots? The fact is there will not be enough volunteers to satisfy the build-up plans of Donald Trump. With warmongering Republicans controlling both the house and senate, Trump will have no problems getting a law to pass to reinstate the draft.

For those of you, who think you will be able to escape the draft by leaving the country, think again. Everyone has been so caught up in the physical wall to keep out the Mexicans that they are not thinking about the metaphorical wall that Trump will build to keep Americans in. That is right, once the draft has started, Americans will not be able to just purchase a plane ticket and hop on a flight to a warm and peaceful Caribbean island.

Therefore, Americans should not be too quick to brush off an important thing like the draft as satire or fake news. Like it or not, the draft is coming back and it is coming soon.



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