Donald Trump will lose in 2020, thanks to Jamaica.

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Etana and Donald Trump
Etana and Donald Trump

The Jamaica brand is a very powerful one, even more than the Jamaican people recognize. When Donald Trump won the presidential election in 2016, it was partly because he got the support of Jamaican Reggae artist, Etana.

This time around, Trump will not be getting Etana’s support and that will make all the difference.

Etana having figured out that she had more to lose than to gain financially after putting her support behind Donald Trump and his racist tactics, is now having a change of heart. We said it before and we will say it again regardless of who wants to get angry with us, what Etana is doing is no different than what many artists have done over the years. From Bob Marley, to his son Ziggy, to all the artists who signed the compassionate act, we have seen artists change their stance and lyrics in the interest of financial gains. Had millions of Americans came out in support of Etana, we would not be getting her statement below, that’s just a pure fact.

Here is Etana’s statement in full:

My remarks were made against the background of the real fear of terrorist attacks and acts of random violence that is so pervasive in the US right now.

But I realize now that I cannot give in to this fear… we cannot build walls to lock ourselves in and other people that we fear or we run the risk of isolating ourselves and losing our humanity, a quality we must protect at all costs.

We must not allow fear to allow us to lose the best part of ourselves, the ability to love unconditionally, and to connect with our fellow men and women, regardless of their beliefs, religion, or ethnicity. We are all one, each of us are connected. I will not give up the fight for the poor and oppressed and those who hail from the Wrong Address.

I did not intend any offence and if my statements provoked any such emotion, I apologies.

I stand with every black family who has had a member shot by police and my heart bleeds each time there is a new one. I am extremely passionate about change for us all. I have uncles, a son, and a brother in America and I am seriously worried each time they go out their front door.

I apologies for the hurt you feel and I hope that you will not use one blunder to judge who I am.
I stated in the recent interview that my views did not have anything to do with my music and that was said in context of my views on the Republican representative and I assumed that would have been understood. I write my own songs from life experiences (very real to me), which you have all been able to relate to. Jamaica, and all my fans across the world, I am sorry for hurting you. When you hurt, I hurt.

I am Jamaican, whenever there are issues in Jamaica, America, Canada or the UK we all cuss or have colorful conversations about our issues. I simply stated my views on the change I’d like to see. I would never bash or turn my back on the country I love and the people who sang Wrong Address and other songs I have written so passionately. My statements did not come off right and I won’t blame Anthony Miller for that. I take full responsibility for all that went wrong.

Please do not forget all the good I have done. I am not offended by any passionate remark, I know you are angry. I love you all unconditionally and nothing will change that.

One perfect unconditional love. Etana.



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