Google and Facebook look to buy T-Mobile.

apple iphone
apple iphone

T-Mobile is sitting in a very sweet and special place as an acquisition target.  Thanks to Verizon.

When Verizon purchased America Online (AOL) and Yahoo to form Oath, basically what they did was declare war on Google and Facebook in the advertising space.  To make matters worse, Verizon made it abundantly clear that they would not be satisfied to just playing third fiddle to Facebook and Google but had all intentions of being a major distributor.

When your turf is being threatened by someone, the natural reaction is to retaliate by threatening that someone’s turf, which is what corporations do.

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So with Verizon entering the advertising market, in a big way, a market that is dominated by Facebook and Google; no one should be surprise that Google and Facebook will want to enter the Verizon market, in a big way.  Verizon and AT&T are the big dogs in the wireless market.

To be a big player in the wireless market you need spectrum and spectrum is not infinite.  It is not like fiber and cable where you can dig up the ground and lay more hardware.  This is the reason why T-Mobile is so attractive right now.

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As soon as T-Mobile completes its proposed merger of Sprint, look for the bidding war to begin between Google and Facebook as they go all out to acquire T-Mobile.

The Trump administration is merger and acquisition friendly.  It is not a matter of if and when Facebook and Google will battle each other to gobble up T-Mobile; it is a matter of how much each will be willing to pay.



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