Jamaicans should be quiet about Donald Trump.

Donald Trump and Alexander Bustamante
Donald Trump and Alexander Bustamante

Many Jamaicans are outraged about the United States president-elect Donald Trump and are quick to show their disdain for a Trump’s presidency. Who can forget the treatment reggae artist, Etana, got when she came public with her support for Donald Trump?

Jamaicans are on the bandwagon about Trump hating Blacks, Mexicans, poor and a ton of other groups. Even if these assertions are correct, Jamaicans should be the last ones complaining.

One of Jamaica’s national heroes was as wicked as Adolph Hitler but Jamaicans have no problem with him being a national hero. Maybe at some point, Donald Trump will order the extermination of a group of people but he has not done so yet. Alexander Bustamante ordered the extermination of all Rastas but we celebrate him yearly as a national hero. Yes, leave it to us Black people to celebrate our own death.

Bustamante’s most famous quote is “BRING IN ALL RASTAS; DEAR OR ALIVE.

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In other words, if you were a Rasta the police had a right to kill you for no other reason than you were a Rasta. How is that any different than Nazi Germany? How can we not be outraged about Donald Trump being a president of the United States yet we are perfectly fine with Bustamante as a national hero?

If Jim Brown, Steve Harvey, Kanye West or any other Black person wants to meet with Trump, there is nothing wrong with it. I can see the Americans who do not support Columbus Day being angry, but Jamaicans should be quiet because every year we celebrate Jamaica’s version of Hitler.

In 1954, Bustamante burned a Rasta compound to the ground and displaced all the Rastas living there. Bustamante did the same thing again to another compound in West Kingston, this time with his henchman, Edward Seaga. This is the person we honor with the likes of Marcus Garvey, Nanny of the Maroons, Paul Bogle, Sam Sharpe and other great Jamaicans who gave their lives for Black people.

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Until Jamaicans demand that Bustamante be relinquished of his national hero status and be replaced with someone like Leonard Howell, Dutty Boukman or Cudjoe, then they have no right to criticize Donald Trump.
Donald Trump is an angel when compared to Alexander Bustamante.

We have written to the Patterson government, The Bruce Golding government, the Simpson Miller government and just last November we wrote to the Holness government about removing Alexander Bustamante from the list of national heroes. The struggle continues.



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