Melania Trump refuses to sleep with Donald; Ivanka gets closer to the president.

Ivanka, Donald and Melania Trump
Ivanka, Donald and Melania Trump

Just a day after it was made public that Ivanka Trump is getting an office in the West Wing of the White House, Us Weekly is reporting that first lady, Melania Trump, refuses to share a bed with the president.

This is causing people to wonder whether Melania not moving to Washington with the president was really about Barron Trump completing the school year or is there something more sinister going on, something forbidden and perverted. It seems like the more the president and his wife move farther apart, the closer he and his daughter, Ivanka gets. Remember before Ivanka got an office in the West Wing, she was occupying the space in the East Wing which is reserved for first ladies.

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Us Weekly, reports that First Lady Melania Trump is exactly as unhappy in her new role as the internet believes she is. An unidentified “family source” told the magazine “Melania does not keep hidden from everyone around her how miserable she is.”

She allegedly refuses to share a bed with the president whenever they are in the same city: “They have separate bedrooms,” another unnamed source told the magazine. “They never spend the night together — ever.”

The first family source also said “Melania wants as little to do with Donald as possible,” and said she wants nothing to do with the presidency either.

A rep for the First Lady denied all of the claims and responded: “It’s unfortunate that you are going to feature unnamed ‘sources’ that have provided fictional accounts.”

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Donald Trump does not keep his affection for his daughter a secret. Numerous times he has said public how sexy she looks and even went as far as saying that if he was not her daughter he would be dating her.

With Melania not sleeping with Donald, it leaves the public to wonder if the East Wing is the only space that belongs to Melania that Ivanka is taking up.



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