President Dotard Trump wants the NFL to become a huge plantation.

Donald Trump the bigot
Donald Trump the bigot

Run n*gg&r run. Play football and shut the f*ck up.  Issues that are occurring in society are not your concern.  Justice was not meant for Black and Brown people so just collect your lucrative paycheck, shut the f*ck up where injustice is concerned, play football and be happy.  That is the NFL that Dotard Trump wants to see and he has no problem in making it publicly known.

Dotard Trump’s assault on the NFL started during a political rally in Alabama on Friday night and has continued all weekend on Twitter, including a tweet on Sunday morning several hours before the day’s slate of games get underway.

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It won’t be long until Dotard actually starts providing the whips to keep Brown and Black Football players in check. If that does not work then Dotard may actually start supplying ropes.  While some NFL players are standing up against injustice, President Dotard wants the NFL to become a modern day plantation.

Dotard Trump’s latest missive is directed at fans, who he urges to “refuse to go to games until players stop disrespecting our Flag & Country.” He follows up by predicting that if fans do that, “you will see change take place fast.” He then repeats his call for NFL teams to “fire or suspend” players who do not stand during the national anthem.

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The NFL’s rules encourage but do not require players to stand for the playing of the anthem. Several team owners have issued statements over the last 24 hours referring to President Trump’s comments over the last few days as divisive and supporting their players’ ability to express themselves.

Those expressions should be widespread in NFL stadiums around the country on Sunday.




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