Serena Williams refuses to talk about Donald Trump; pays tribute to MLK instead.

Serena Williams Equality
Serena Williams Equality

At Serena Williams’ press conference after her first round victory at the Australian Open, the greatest tennis player of all time refused to answer questions about Donald Trump. She politely declined to comment in any fashion on the soon-to-be Donald Trump presidential administration.

Serena, wearing a t-shirt with the word “EQUALITY” on the front, did however take time to pay respect and honor to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

“With today being Martin Luther King Day, it’s important to spread the message of equality, which is something he talked about a lot, and he tried to spread a lot, is equality and rights for everyone,” she said. “We really want to speak up about things that we believe in and talk about equality. I think it’s a concern for just everyone in general. We want to make sure we always continue to move forward and always have the opportunity to have equal rights for all.”

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“We don’t want to stop that forward movement,” she added. “It’s just always great to raise awareness for it.”



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