18 Karat Reggae Facebook page hacked.

18 Karat Reggae page hacked
18 Karat Reggae page hacked

18 Karat Reggae, the leader in promoting reggae music and events, recently got their Facebook page hacked and taken over.  Since 18 Karat Reggae got hacked, a new page, 18KaratReggae.com was created and already has 29,000 followers.

The 18 Karat Reggae promotion platforms consist of their website, Podcast, YouTube channel, SoundCloud and a Facebook Page.

They are not sure who is behind the hacking but suspect it might have stemmed from their competitors or reggae artists who resent when they post the truth.

The website and the Facebook page has always toed the line of what is allowed on Facebook as it posted everything that is happening in dancehall including the X-rated dancing by people like Marvin the beast.

Recently the page received a cease and desist letter from the Marleys this year after they were accused of using images that infringed on trademarks owned by 56 Hope Road.

“The page being hacked is a big deal but it is not going to stop us,” said Henry Louis, the owner and president of 18 Karat Reggae.

“We always give people the truth regardless of whom it hurts and that rubbed a lot of people the wrong way.  There were a lot of people out for us including other reggae promotion platforms.  We are pretty new and the scene but we were surpassing other sites that have been around for a while,” Louis continued.

The 18 Karat Reggae website was attacked by hackers just over a month ago which knocked the site offline for over a week.  The website had since added top of the line protection that makes it almost impossible to be hacked and that might be the reason why their Facebook page was targeted instead.

Even with the hacking of the Facebook page, 18 Karat Reggae continues to be the leader in promoting reggae and dancehall music.   The 18 Karat Reggae Podcast is currently the #1 Reggae and is in the top 100 of all Podcasts.

“We are still working with Facebook to have the page restored but their customer service is almost non-existent.  Facebook is not a great platform for small businesses when it comes to issue like this. Still that will not hinder 18 Karat Reggae, we intend to continue being the leader in reggae promotions as is evident by the rapid growth of our new Facebook page.  We invite everyone who followed the original 18 Karat Reggae to like and follow the new page,” Henry said.




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