18 Karat Reggae now offers press release and bio writing services.

Writing Services
Writing Services

Every aspiring artist should have a bio. Every aspiring artist should stay in the press consistently. While creating music is the number one priority for an artist, fans want to know a lot more about their favorite artists.

18 Karat Reggae is at the forefront of sharing artists’ music, videos and bios with fans but it is astonishing how many artists do not have bios and are not staying relevant in the media through press releases. We also encounter cases where artists do have bios but they are very poorly written. It is because of this that 18 Karat Reggae has decided to start offering writing services. We have a slew of professional writers onboard who are ready to help our clients in all their writing needs.

Depending on what you require, we can create a bio or press release from scratch, or we can review and revise your current version. For artists requiring an album biography, we spend time with the record, then we complete an in-depth interview to help us craft a unique and insightful accompaniment to your work. Our job is not only to promote your music but also to promote your brand and allow your fans to get more intimate with you.

Our cost is 0nly $99.99 to write your bio or press release. If you are doing both a bio and a press release, it is only $149.99.
Hit up 18 Karat Reggae and allow us to help you to take your career to the next level.

Also if you have never promoted your music video with us, check out that service here.



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