Did Beyoncé influence Serena Williams’ engagement decision?

Beyonce and Serena Williams
Beyonce and Serena Williams

Serena Williams is engaged and many of her fans are not too happy about it, especially Black males. Some Black men are finding it difficult to swallow that after dating Lavar Harrington, Amar’e Stoudemire, Jackie Long, Common, Keyshawn Johnson and Drake; Serena has decided to marry and settle down with Alexis Ohanian, the co-founder of Reddit. How can a strong Black woman who has been intimate with so many strong Black men end up settling down with a white man, is the question many are asking.

People should be happy for Serena and her finding of happiness instead of questioning her personal decision. After all, it is her life and she is responsible for her own happiness and not the rest of us. Plus Alexis Ohanian proposed to Serena, not the other way around. Did Drake, Common or any of the other brothers who she dated ever proposed to her? We don’t know, as the public has not been made privy to that aspect of her past relationships.

If love and marriage goes together like a horse and carriage, then we can assume that Alexis love Serena. So should Serena have walked away from love just to please Black people who will have a problem seeing a rich Black woman marrying outside of the race?

Let’s not forget that Serena has been hanging with Beyoncé a lot lately, even going as far as twerking in Beyoncé’s video. So imagine Serena hanging out with Beyoncé and Jay-z and they are all listening to lyrics from Beyoncé’s song that goes, “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it”; then she have to look at her finger and realize there is no ring. Of course this will have her feeling some type of way. So when a man finally comes along and offer to put a ring on it, undoubtedly she will accept.

So Black men, don’t be angry at Serena for being engaged to a white man. Be angry at all the black men that liked it but did not put



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