Is Irie FM Running Out Of Money?

Irie FM
Irie FM

The number one station in Jamaica could be in financial troubles, which would be a very hard blow to reggae and dancehall music.

Irie FM is probably the only 24/7 reggae station on traditional radio. While the station has come under scrutiny over the years because of various disc jockeys engaging in pay-for-play, the station has remained the number one station in Jamaica and a favorite for reggae lovers all over the world.

A couple years ago, Irie FM bought the website, a site often referred to as DHR.

DHR had the most vibrant reggae forum on the internet which made perfect for the site to be acquired by Irie FM.

In the past few weeks, however, the DHR forum has been offline with absolutely no explanation from Irie FM has to the reason that the site is down.

18 Karat Reggae, who has been interested in purchasing DHR has been investigating the reasons behind the site being down. It is understood that the site has fell behind in paying some of its bills. While it is not know which specific bills are not paid, it could be one of many ranging from server space, website administrator or even the previous owners of DHR not being paid in full.

DHR being down is a big blow to the music, especially dancehall, as the site is a major exposure portal for the music, almost as much as Irie FM radio itself.

Maybe Irie FM should reach out to the artists, promoters. Producers and reggae labels asking them to contribute in getting DHR back online. Because with DHR being down, it is a huge blow to dancehall reggae and it is even a bigger blow to the promoters, producers and performers of reggae dancehall. is very valuable reggae real estate on the internet and 18 Karat Reggae would be willing to purchase the forum in order to get the site back online.



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