Ninjaman actually got defeated in his first Sting clash.


This is a special time of year for dancehall music. It is the time of year where dancehall dig into their arsenal for the most lethal lyrical weapons in preparation for the annual Sting dancehall / reggae show (more so dancehall than reggae).
If you had forgotten that we are in that season all you had to do was take a listen to Massicka and Kalado trading lyrical shots. Or you could have listened to Beenie Man’s onslaught on Mavdo, although it seems like Mavado is hardly noticing that Beenie Man even exists.

It is impossible to talk about artists clashing in dancehall without mentioning the don gorgon, Ninjaman, after all, he is deemed in the dancehall community as the greatest clash artist of all time, especially on Sting. What a lot of people did not realize or maybe just don’t want to admit, is that Flourgon actually destroyed Ninjaman in the Ninja’s first clash on Sting.

If fans pay attention to what is taking place on the stage, they will notice that while Ninjaman had some witty comeback to the late great Red Dragon quips, he actually failed to even bruise Flourgon. This was while Flourgon continually pelted Ninjaman with lyrics after lyrics.

You can see that the first forward Ninjaman got was not because of any lyrics that he chanted, instead it just for him asking for a clash and the crowd acknowledging that they wanted to see a clash.

So while it is clear in the video that Ninjaman got the best of Red Dragon, it is equally clear that Flourgon got the best of Ninjaman. The reason why some people want to give the clash to Ninjaman instead of Flourgon is because it seems like it was two against one. However, when you watch the clash carefully you will see that Junior Demus was on Ninjman’s side so it was actually two against two. Red Dragon and Junior Demus cancelled each other out as neither of them did anything lyrically where the clash was concerned.

The lyrical bullets were fired from Ninjaman and Flourgon with Flourgon clearly firing the most lethal lyrics of the two.



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