Reggae Artist ETANA” is a full fledged Donald Trump Supporter? !


In a recent interview  with Jamaican Antony Miller, Etana talked music, Miss Kitty the fluffy diva, Yanique the curvy Diva and YES American politics. Her statements as pertained to Yanique and Ms Kitty were limited to their great personslities and of course the perceived “purchased portions” of their bodies!

Now, none of that is off topic in today’s climate given the intrigue and  interest by society at large; however, ETANA has eyes rolling and heads spinning when she uttered YES! I AM A TRUMP SUPPORTER! She went as far as justifying his statements about Mexican immigrants being rapist and drug dealers insinuating that some of them are! She went on to say, there is no point letting In people in America, only to be worried about being bombed!

WHY IS THIS NEWS? Etana, since her debut on the reggae stage has presented herself as a Rasta, as warrior of love, justice, equality and even a feminist to some degree. Most of us don’t even know many people of color that supports Trump, much less a self proclaimed child of Jah Rastafari! Etana is looking like a wolf in sheep clothing to say the very least!


What will be the fall out of such utterances, reggae/jamaican community are in a frenzy because no one could have predicted this. People are shocked, some angry, others calling for boycott of her music and shows. One thing is for sure, Etana had to have known that Donald Trump is lacking support in the non-white communities due his total disrespect for women and his bigoted remarks towards people of color; therefore, she could foresee the backlash…so then, what’s in it for Etana?

Watch the video and decide..





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