Reggae Month: Bob Marley and Dennis Brown.

The king of Reggae and the Prince of Reggae
Dennis Brown & Bob Marley

February is perfect for Reggae Month. After all, two of the most influential reggae artists were born in February. Bob Marley the king of reggae was born on February 6th, while Dennis Brown the prince of Reggae was born on February 1st.

Both men died relatively young, but leave behind a catalog of music that will live forever. Bob Marley died at the age of 36, Dennis Brown died at the age of 42.

They were both revolutionaries, ladies men and messengers of Rastafari. On the same album they could be calling for a revolution, spreading the message of Rasta, singing praises to JAH, demanding equal right and justice, singing a romantic ballad or spreading worldwide love.

Many of Bob Marley’s and Dennis Brown’s songs are similar in content. They both had songs “titled Revolution”. In Bob Marley’s version, he told us, “It takes a revolution to make a solution”. In the Dennis Brown’s version he asks us, “Do you know what it means to have a revolution?.. Do you know what it takes to make a solution?”. Then in the love songs department; Bob Marley sang “Waiting in vain” while Dennis Brown sang “Should I”. Again Bob Marley was telling the listener something while Dennis Brown was asking the listener something. In his song, Bob Marley said, “I don’t want to wait in vain for your love”. Dennis Brown on the other hand asked, “Should I have faith in you? Should I put my trust in you?”

Two great men with great messages but delivering their respective messages in different ways, even though they used the same vehicle, reggae. Even while spreading worldwide love, we see the tiny differences. When Bob Marley put the Marcus Garvey’s slogan “One Love” to song, he told us, “Let’s get together and feel alright.” On the other hand, Dennis Brown sings of worldwide love from the point of being and example when he sang, “Here I come with love and not hatred.”

Thanks to both men for the great blessings they have given. WORDS, POWER and SOUNDS.



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