Sean Paul’s wife apologizes to Usain Bolt.

Sean Paul and Wife.
Sean Paul and Wife.

The wife of Sean Paul, Jodi Henriques aka Jinx, has apologized for the disparaging remarks she made about the world’s fastest man Usain Bolt. See: Usain Bolt and Sean Paul

Below is Jodi’s apology:

After some much needed introspection I would like to publicly apologize for the comments made about Usain Bolt. Not only were they unwarranted but also highly inappropriate and for this I am truly sorry.

My intention was never to degrade or disrespect anyone but without realising, I did. I allowed pent up frustration to get the better of me and did not conduct myself in a respectful manner. I apologise to those persons who I hurt, including friends, family my husband, and the Jamaican people at large but especially Usain Bolt.

Although I am and have been frustrated by the disturbances, I should have dealt with this in a private and more civil manner. My intentions are to speak with Usain, discuss this regrettable incident and personally apologise.

Usain Bolt has yet to say anything about this incident publicly, hopefully he will say something about the apology.

While most Jamaicans were angry about Jodi’s comments, the anger was not based on her referring to Usain Bolt has a horrible neighbor. Most of us have had to put up with a neighbor that we would rather not put up with. The anger stemmed from the “.. go back where he came from” comment.

At the same time, if Jodi can apologize for her comment, then 18 Karat Reggae can apologize for referring to her as as a bitch. Let love reign.



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