Vybz Kartel Makes Musical History.

Vybz Kartel
Vybz Kartel

Whether he is the world boss, ward boss, jail boss or prison boss; one this is for sure, Vybz Kartel is making musical history, at least in dancehall music.

The DJ just won the Star DJ of the year award. How do you continue to win DJ of the year awards when you have been locked behind bars for the last few years? Not only did Vybz Kartel win DJ of the year, he also won song of the year with “Wi nuh trust people”.

The question must then be asked: Is reggae dancehall so down in the dumps that someone locked behind bars can get the top award in the genre or is Vybz Kartel just that talented? No stage shows, no live press events, no press kits with updated photos, no dubplates, yet the DJ still sits on top of dancehall. Either Vybz Kartel is the most talented dancehall artist ever or the award shows the sad state that dancehall reggae is currently in.

Take a listen to this latest dancehall mix featuring Vybz Kartel and all the other top dancehall artists. Do you think Vybz Kartel deserve the DJ of the year award over all the other artists?

Vybz Kartel winning DJ of the year would be the equivalent of Usain Bolt stop training today and winning a gold medal next year. It defies logic.

This is the first in history that a musical artist of any genre won a top artist award of the genre. Love or hate Vybz Karte, this is a great accomplishment.

Of course some will argue that the DJ of the year award is as meaningless as the Reggae Grammy where even with the most mediocre of music, if your name is Marley, you are guaranteed to win.



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  1. The person that wrote this article is an ass. Vybz Karel makes good music that appeal to the mas that’s why he is on top. Training is not relevant he already has music that are.

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