Drake claims that Serena Williams’ baby is his, wants DNA test to prove it.

Drake and Serena Williams
Drake and Serena Williams

Canadian rapper, Drake, is claiming that he is the biological father of Serena Williams’s baby and he wants to play a fatherly role in the baby’s life.

The fake love singer says he always wondered if the baby was his since Serena went public with her pregnancy but his suspicions were proven true when the baby was born.

“When I calculate the last time Serena and I were intimate versus when she gave birth, it leaves no doubt in my mind that I am the father,” the rapper told 24 Karat Reggae.

“Hopefully Serena will be down for us to take a DNA test,” the Fake Love rapper continued.

Serena gave birth to a baby girl on September 1st.  Since announcing her pregnancy for her fiancé Alexis, Drake had pretty much kept quiet about the pregnancy.  Drake did not answer questions about why he waited almost a month after the baby to come forward.  The rapper and the greatest tennis player ever were dating but it was public knowledge that the relationship was over long before Serena got involved with Alexis.

We reach out to Serena’s camp for comments but her representatives had no comment on the matter.



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