President Obama visits Bob Marley’s Mausoleum.

President Obama at Bob Marley museum
President Obama at Bob Marley museum

United States President Barack Obama made a late night visit to the Bob Marley mausoleum after he landed at the Norman Manley International Airport in Kingston.

Unknown to Obama is the fact that Bob Marley spirit lives on and Bob still holds the interest of Jamaica and the Jamaican people close to his heart. Wherever Bob is, he knows that the president’s main reason for visiting Jamaica is to counter the Chinese influence in Jamaica and also wean Jamaica off Venezuelan oil.

So as soon as Obama got to Bob’s resting place, Bob spirit sang, “See them bribing with their guns, spare parts and money… Trying to be little our integrity.” Obama shocked and trembling said to his secret service detail, “Did you hear that? Is he talking to me?” Before anyone from Obama’s security detail could speak, Bob spirit said, “Yes, it’s you, it’s you, it’s you am talking to now”.

At this time Obama and his security detail got real scared, turned around and started running from the mausoleum. As they ran they heard Bob’s spirit singing, “You running and you running and you running away… you running and you running but you can’t run away from yourself.”
Let that be a lesson to you president Obama. Make sure you listen when Portia Simpson talk to you about taking the necessary steps to expunge the criminal record of our great Marcus Garvey. The man is labeled as a criminal in the United States after being set up by batty bwoy J. Edgar Hoover and the FBI. Rectify the situation or that Bob Marley spirit will haunt you for a long time.

Marcus Garvey said it, so let it be done
I tell you who we are, under the sun
We are the children of the higher man
We are the children of the Rasta man – Bob Marley



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