13 Reasons Jamaicans are still trying to migrate to the United States.

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You would think that with bigot boy Donald Trump as the president of the United States, Jamaicans in that country would be trying to go back to Jamaica and Jamaicans in Jamaica would have no desire to go to America. It is quite the opposite.

Below are 13 reasons Jamaicans still want to go to America, especially those that are descendants of Africans.

1. Even if you use your talent and pull yourself up by the bootstrap and gain extraordinary wealth, uptown people will still scuff their noses at you if you dare leave out the ghetto and try to live amongst them.

2. If you are a female of African descent and not mixed with any other ethnicity, you have more chance of being Miss America than Miss Jamaica.

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3. The country is filled with modern day plantations but now we call them “all-inclusive hotels”. Black still have to cook and clean up after whites with basically no pay. In the past Blacks got shelter and food, today they get paid barely enough money for shelter and food.

4. The Government is allowing the Chinese to ship in plastic rice and other fake food at will.

5. With a population of only 3 million people, police kill way more Black men in Jamaica than in America.

6. Vybz Kartel is incarcerated so you can’t get to see him perform live anyway.

7. Because there is no winter, you have to spend a lot more on bleaching cream.

8. While marijuana is legal in many states in America it is only decriminalized in Jamaica.

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9. The Jamaican prime minster is thinking of ending the buggery law and legalizing homosexuality.

10. The 2% of Jews, Indians and Asians own more wealth than the 98% of Africans on the island.

11. The Jamaican government with pressure from the United States has almost completely locked down the number one income generator for poor, scamming. The inept government has no idea how to replace the revenue that scamming was bringing into the island.

12. A Mega Mart looks just like a Wal-Mart in America, so might as well.

13. In America you have to worry about the gunman; in Jamaica you have to worry about the duppy and the gunman.



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