Chinese men angry at Jamaican men for taking their women, want revenge.

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Chinese men stealing black women
Chinese men stealing black women

Jamaica has always had a Chinese population but as China push to spread her influence over the world; the Chinese population in Jamaica has been growing at a rapid pace.

While many Jamaicans are concerned about the Chinese taking over and owning the island economically, there is another big issue that is brewing in the home of Rasta and Reggae music.

The Chinese women who have moved to Jamaica recently, were used to Chinese chopsticks all their lives and now they are being introduced to the African bamboo.  Every woman deserves a big bamboo every now and them but when these Chinese women experience the bamboo they no longer want to go back to chopstick.

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As should be expected, the Chinese men are not happy about this and some are swearing that they are going to start taking away the Black women from Jamaican men.  How do they plan on doing this?  Well, Lee Wong who owns a supermarket in Kingston, Jamaica says they plan on using their money to steal Black women away from Jamaican men.

“Women can’t live by bamboo alone because bamboo doesn’t pay rent,” said Lee Wong.  “So when they want their nails done, their hair did and their rent paid, we will step in and take them away.”

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Lee says he has no doubt that their strategy will work and it won’t be long before we start seeing a lot of Jamaican women having half-Chinese babies.

“Jamaican men have big bamboo; Chinese men have big bank books. Pretty soon we will see which one the Jamaican women prefer,” Lee concluded.



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