Former Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell, supports same-sex marriage.

Lesbians kissing
Two lesbian beauties kissing.

Who can forget Miss Jamaica, Kaci Fennell? It is difficult to forget the Jamaican beauty queen who went before the entire world and said that Jamaica’s biggest contributions to the world are Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. After losing the Miss Universe crown with that ridiculous answer, Miss Kaci Fennell is trying to stay relevant by meddling in current affairs.

Following a declaration by the United States Supreme Court Friday that same-sex couples have a right to marry anywhere in the United States, Miss Universe Jamaica and fourth runner-up in the Miss Universe pageant Kaci Fennell took to social networking site Instagram to voice her support for the move.

Fennell posted a rainbow-coloured heart to her social media page which accompanied a caption expressing her appreciation for the declaration.

Under the username kacifen, Kaci Fennell wrote, “…We have a long way to go when it comes to tolerance. I can only hope that love will win in my country one day, but this is lovely… no hate filled or hurtful comments, all love #lovewins”.

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When contacted by 18 Karat Reggae, Kaci Fennell said she is in support of a violence-free society.

“I’m all for a society where we live in love, kindness, and peace, and what depicts that isn’t a violent society,” Kaci Fennell said, adding “I’m all for it as long as we’re living in love.”

The love wins hash tag began trending worldwide Friday when the court voted by a margin of 5-4, granting people of the same sex the right to wed in any state in that country.

The pixie-haired beauty had previously posted the photo but removed it when some of her 99.2k followers expressed their contempt.

After reposting the photo, followers again latched on to the post leaving comments which showed both support and disdain for the court’s decision.

One follower wrote, “The world is coming to an end…sooner than later”.

Another wrote, “I’m so disappointed in you. It’s sad that this is a fall from grace for you”.

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“I don’t support hurting anyone no no no but for people to justify and polish this lifestyle and say love wins its so sad and nasty,” that follower continued.

“Anyways God’s words have to come to pass so I’m not surprised. May the Lord have mercy on us all for every sin.”

That follower’s comment was rebutted by another follower, who was in support of the declaration.

“Sad that you’re saying that this is her fall from grace because she supports and respects her loved ones who are gay,” the follower said.

Others wrote comments to the effect “love wins every time”.

According to University of California, Los Angeles’ Williams Institute, which tracks the demographics of gay Americans, roughly one million same-sex couples — married and unmarried — live together in the United States.



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