Jamaica has the sweetest and kindest people in the world.

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Beautiful Jamaica and Jamaicans
Beautiful Jamaica and Jamaicans

By Naomi Thompson.

Jamaicans were getting a bad rap this week after dancehall star, Tanya Stephens, shared the details of how she was raped by a fellow entertainer as a teenager. She mentioned that there were a lot of people including a woman outside of the house in which she was raped. Yet, none of them came to her rescue and she cried and screamed for help.

Stephens’ revelations have had social media buzzing about what kind of people would stand by as a young teenage girl is crying for help and not helping her.

The truth is Jamaicans are the sweetest people in the world without a doubt. Ask anyone who has visited the island about the place and the first thing they will say is how nice and friendly the people are.

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Stephens did not disclose and maybe she does not know whether or not the people outside could have actually heard her please for help. Most Jamaican houses are fully concrete, so when the doors are closed it is not easy to stand on the outside and hear what is happening on the inside.

I am not saying this because I am a Jamaican but there is nowhere on the island where you will find a group of people, including a woman, that would just stand by and do nothing as a young girl is being raped.

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The entertainer who raped Stephens must have known that even if she screamed no one would hear her before he committed the vicious and wicked act. However, no one should use this incident to judge Jamaicans.

I was not there but I would be willing to bet my life savings that had the crowd outside heard Stephens screams for help, they would have broken down the doors to help her. That’s just how Jamaicans are, the kindest and nicest people in the world.



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