Jamaican man kidnapped and killed in Antigua.

Crime Scene
Crime Scene

Antigua might be paradise for some but it has turned out to be not so much of a paradise for a Jamaican man who was living there.

26-year-old Kenroy Simpson was kidnapped from a house he shared with his girlfriend in Cedar Grove on the island.  His body was later found in an open field with multiple gunshot wounds.  The body was found faced down without a short or shoes.

The responded to a call from Simpson’s home and took a statement from Simpson’s girlfriend, who reported that shortly after midnight four masked men robbed the pair at gunpoint of an undisclosed sum of money.

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Simpson’s car was also stolen and later abandoned.  According to police it seems like Simpson was kidnapped in his own car and the robbers than abandoned the car after Simpson was killed.

Prior to this murder, Simpson was arrested and charged for drug-related offenses and was questioned in April in connection to money laundering crimes.



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