Jamaican TrackStar Usain Bolt donates $10 million to Haiti!

Donates 10 million to Haiti


Donates to Haiti
Donates to Haiti

There’s a well know saying that “To whom much is given, much is expected” and by all accounts it appears USAIN BOLT knows what he means on the world stage; He’s living up to that expectation; The Olympic multiple gold winning Jamaican Sprinter has donated 10 million dollars to help rebuild Haiti, after the island nation was slammed by Hurricane Matthew this week. The donation which will be utilized through his foundation was announced today after he travelled to Haiti to ascertain the damage caused by the hurricane.

Haiti and his nation state Jamaica shares a common bond of being built on the backs of African slaves during the era of the Atlantic Slave Trade and has enjoyed each other’s staunch support for decades. It makes total sense, that as the world  focusses on other things such as the US presidential race and Angelina and Brads divorce, USAIN BOLT has his fingers on the heart beat of this nation. Haiti has lost close to 1000 lives thus far due to Hurricane Mathews Wrath. Kudos USAIN BOLT! #JamaicanHero



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