Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell is an embarrassment to Jamaica.

Kaci Fennell
Kaci Fennell

What is Jamaica’s biggest contribution to the world? That was the question asked to Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell. Her response was Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. Yes, an athlete and an entertainer. What an embarrassment. If her answer was true, it would have been an embarrassment to Jamaica, since her answer was false, she is an embarrassment to herself.

Can you imagine if the United States listed Michael Jackson and Peyton Manning as her biggest contributions to the world? Am I to think that no one, not in school, not at home, not at church; taught Kaci about Jamaica’s contributions to the world?

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Kaci Fennel could have spoken about the part the Maroons of Jamaica played in ending slavery not only in Jamaica but around the world. She could have spoken about the role the Jamaican Dutty Boukman (Dutty Bookman) played in the Haitian revolution of 1804. She could have spoken about Jamaica’s bauxite. Didn’t she know that Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Nelson Mandela and even President Barack Obama were influenced by Marcus Garvey? Why didn’t she say Marcus Garvey?

At the same time, I can’t really blame Kaci Fennell for her silly answer. After all, if you visit the Jamaican Passport Immigration and Citizenship Agency (PICA), this is their main reason for why one would want to be a citizen of Jamaica:

In becoming a citizen of Jamaica persons will be able to bask in the pride of national achievement and identify with other great Jamaicans such as Bob Marley, Usain Bolt, Shelly-Ann Fraser Pryce, Tessane Chin and Louise Bennett among others.

Talking about a revolution sounds like a whisper – Tracy Chapman



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  1. I am ashamed at this article. How Yu Fe dis her? She answer the question with what the world know about JA. Most of this generation don’t know anything else about JA. She had to say what the world love recently about us. If she answered like U wanted, they wouldn’t know what she is talking about. Those who know all that is real Jamaicans but this is a world event and U want her to get political. Them white ppl in charge don’t want to hear that. Show we girl Love not hate.

    • Thank you, lets get real her answer is in keeping with what the average person know of jamaica it’s a beauty contest contest not a political arena. That’s best said in the time she was given.

    • But isn’t that what an ambassador does,enlight people to your plights etc. While she has some responsibility the real culprit is our educational structure.

  2. I do believe that your statement is incorrect. I don’t think she is an embarrassment, I do believe that she could have expanded her responses – but think about it…. what is our country doing to continue to be independent currently? I do believe that none of the responses were substantial, I also believe the questions should have been shown on a screen where the contestants could have read it, she could have mistaken the question. In any case I do respect and adore the fact that she represented our island.

  3. You all are talking crap. Her answer was perfect. What other contributions would the judges agree with. Every man on the earth knows who Bob Marley and Usain Bolt are and their contribution to the world has a direct impact on the lives of people right this minute with which they can relate. she lost because she was black, Jamaican and did not wear hair extention, period.

  4. Imagine you are in the heat of the moment with all the pressures that comes with a competition and in this moment you want this young lady to be thinking about slavery not to mention bauxite which is trickling down hill.Her answer was just fine!We all though what usain bolt contributed to the world with his record breaking moments that will continue to inspire world, not to mention bob Marley…once she said bob Marley every body knows its his contribution to reggae she is referring to, the same reggae which is accepted worldwide.But I cant even get mad at people like you who will always try to find something to discredit someone.

  5. Whoever thought she was wrong in what she said is just a literacy challenged person. At the state of Jamaica this day, what other contribution there is to talk about. If you want to be honest, the most the country contribute is crime and the most dishonest politics on both side. But I guess the original person for this article is just like them crooked judges; can’t give the princess the crown because of where she’s from and because she’s just clean cut natural. If judges alone were to determine if Tess should’ve won the voice we would stop writing about out dissatisfaction up until this day. Honest people don’t mind loosing, but loosing should be to the best. Kaci was the best, they just thought she didn’t deserve it because of their own biased belief.

    • Actually the judges didn’t specify about the time zone when the contribution should happen. They asked whats your opinion of whats some of the greatest contribution to the world from our country. They actually wanted something they didn’t know about our country. They wanted to learn something they didn’t know about our country.
      But honestly I’m proud of her, for to come the fourth from a line of 88 isn’t a easy task.

  6. Gully Bop and Kaci is representing real Jamaicans in more good ways than bad. Just to see the gutter the Bop came out of should make all Jamaicans happy and congratulation the man. Whether hype in some dumb minds or not; Gwaan set yuh ting and pray Bop. You and Kaci show people who have the ability to think that it doesn’t matter what you are, just keep your eyes focused on the prize and keep hunting for greatness; God will reward you and forgive you for all the wrongs you did to all these other judges in Jamaica who doesn’t use their time to find their greatness, but instead use their time to tear you down to the pit their minds and them live in too. Big up Bop, and Big up Kaci and Tess. Keep di banner high Usain “VoiceRoy” Bolt.

    • So you are bashing this girl, why are we so full of hate, the person who wrote that she embarrass Jamaica, she was great, she showed how proud we are of our country, we are recognize in all parts of the world, so one little fault and everyone is all over this girl, we should all be happy that she come number four with so much other beautiful ladies. This is just a contest not the end of the world, My God people lets give love a try.

    • All so child like, yes we can sing and dance and dress up but we cant even make a bicycle dust cap and sell it internationally let alone a bicycle


    • mother fucker you reading from a book kmft. we created reggae music she was definitely correct our music has impact the world young and old. you are an embarrassment to your self its nice to know you like history cause you are using the book well. btw the questions were from face book so there was no way of knowing what to prepare for. you are a internet bully you should go read up on that

  8. I believe that you are full of $h!t and you are entitled to your opinion however biased it is.
    Yes her answer was short and she could have exponded a lot more on it.

    However being on stage with millions of people watching its and so much at stake its easy amd very natural to be nervous.

    Question to the editor…. Have you ever rehearsed answers for an interview but forgot what you rehearsed during the interview?

    I’m positive that most people have

  9. For all those who are critiquing Kaci’s response I ask this. Would you realistically been able to gather your thoughts that quickly to think about Dutty Boukman, Garvey and bauxite with all the pressure and adrenaline pumping? Cut her some slack, she didn’t have an opportunity to prepare her response ahead of time

  10. Your points might be taken seriously if you bothered to proofread this post. A post that you had much more time to think about, research, and compose than Ms. Fennel did when formulating her answer. But it’s really easy to sit behind a computer and criticize someone when you have never had a chance to be in their position. Her answer may not have been ideal but she is far from an embarrassment. If you want to discuss embarrassments please expand on the rampant homophobia expressed by our leaders and other representatives of our nation. Or better yet please expand on the embarrassment that is our economy. Or our crime rate, having one of the highest murder rates in the world is kind of embarrassing, don’t you think? And the fact that our education system is failing our children, many of whom leave school not knowing how to speak a word of proper English. Those are our embarrassments, not a poised young lady that has brought a lot of positive publicity to the otherwise negative headlines we usually see in the international media.

  11. While there is some truth to what you are saying….. And yes you are entitled to your opinion.. The truth of the matter is Miss Universe is a beauty pageant!!!!! In no way shape or form is she an embarrassment!!!!!!!! Her response probably was but not HER!!!!!! We have so many things wrong with Jamaica and very often the picture painted of us is sooo negative…… That anyone who puts themself out there to represent us in a positive light should not be demeaned. Criticize the response not the person!!!!!!! Smdh… Miss Universe is not a political stage!!!

  12. my only question is that are you sure embarrassment is the word you were looking for? Yes i understand your point but why the use of such a strong world. She represented Jamaica to her best of her ability with the eyes of the world on her, I do agree it would have been excellent if she had mentioned the persons you stated or gave a more profound answer, but while i dont give her an A for her answer i dont give her an F either.

  13. I guess you did this to gain traffic on your website? I applaud you. You have many grammatical errors and mechanic problems please go see an english teacher to review your posts before you post them. Thanks

  14. Hahaha! You’re funny, a hater of your own country. I’m not from Jamaica but you’re music really influenced the world, especially the good vibes that it brings! Just an advise, don’t be bitter, be better. Give love and respect, peace man!

  15. The writer of this blog has some nerve,going back and forth with readers with his feisty comments. I was not very pleased with both of kaci’s answers but guess what? She did extremely well to place 5th out of 88 contestants. She is far from an embarassment! You are in such a rush to express your views that spelling and grammar is being neglected. Perhaps you should slow down.

  16. Hi, I am not going to lie and pretend her answer was ‘great’, I mean in comparison to the rest of the contenders I guess you can say it was fine. She did mention popular people that are well known internationally so she could score some points and yes she could have expanded on her answer… but you are are grossly unfair and wrong in calling her an embarrassment.

    It is sooooo easy to look from the outside in and judge and say that she could have given a much more detailed answer explaining our rich culture and history, which I do not doubt she has at least some idea of, but put yourself in her place. It IS a hard thing to do, sometimes life happens and you get nervous and all your months of preparation flies out the door in just a mere moment.

    Give her a break, I don’t expect you to lie and say she SHOULD have definitely won, when obviously you believe otherwise (as do I). However, this article comes off as judge-y, mean spirited, full of lack of empathy and just plain awful.

    So please before you call anyone an embarrassment at LEAST put yourself in their shoes and see how well YOU would have done.

  17. i don’t agree with her answer because me as an audience I would want to know what they cocontribute to the world…..although I am not Jamaican if I was to be ask that question I would say reggae music because Bob Marley wasnt the only one who sung, Peter tosh, bony whaler, third world, to name a few contributed reggae music to the world

  18. I am from Kenya and I totally disagree with this article. First,you need to have lived in Africa to understand how Bob Marley as a man and his Music have influenced the people,giving hope especially during the time African countries were fighting to break the chains of colonialism.In all honesty I think Bob Marley is the best gift Jamaica has offered the world.And Bolt,wow,what an athlete,what an entertainer,wish he was Kenyan then I would get on stage and asked the same and I would gladly say he is the best gift Kenya has offered the world.I love Jamaica.I love Bob Marley and I love Usain Bolt.

    • The problem my friend is that we in Jamaica dont fully understand the greatness of Bob Marley and what he contributed the the world. He was not even, when he was living here, looked upon as a great messenger or musician. He was just another rasta. He was more famous overseas then Jamaica. When the world embraced him, Jamaicans finally started to see the light.

  19. Wow, she is an embarrassment to Jamaica …and what are you?
    I bet you are one of those Rastafarians who lock women away when it is that time of the month because they are “unclean.” You are an embarrassment to any teacher you might have had. Your spelling is awful. You are a very unkind and hateful person. You should be ashamed of yourself, trying to pull attention to yourself through hate and disrespect.

  20. I agree with the author. She made an embarrassment of herself and country. Her response was typical of a pretty dunce.

    Most of us if not all love our country and are affectionate about who we are as a people and what we have achieved.

    Therefore, as a contestant you could not have asked for a easier question.

    However, her response is evident that she literally has no knowledge of her culture and heritage apart from the obvious media stereotypes of Jamaica.

    The question was for Kaci to tell the world about what makes our country great.

    If her answer was Bob Marley and Usain Bolt, she should have expounded on what about them that makes our country great other than their obvious talent.

    Basically, she didn’t answer the question, and it might simply be because she doesn’t know anything about them other than the obvious. Real Dunce bat!

    Bob Marley song became the national anthem for Zimbabwe. His teachings of unity among Africa stem from the principles and doctrines of Marcus Garvey.

    Marcus Garvey pioneered the pan African movement in which to this day no so-called civil rights or world leader has achieved.

    All the great civil rights leaders were born on the platform of Garveyism. Including the United States of America Civil Rights movement.

    Anytime anyone living in America, especially Americans talk about their civil rights they should thank Jamaica. I could go on and on.

    As a Jamaican, that’s something you should know about your country. You shouldn’t need months of preparation to know that. That was easy simple question, it was like as if the judges wanted her to win.

    She had time to prepare and that was her response? please! Whatever. Let’s be honest with ourselves and call it for what it is.

    What makes a woman or any human being truly beautiful is what’s on inside and not so much the outside. She has no substance whatsoever.

    If outward beauty is all she represents then that’s a poor representation for women, women’s liberation and her country.

    She was representing her country in a worldwide contest and that’s all she could have a said about what makes her country great? A singer and athlete? In which she couldn’t even expound on?

    Clearly she doesn’t know anything about Bob Marley and Usain Bolt apart from the obvious.

    You have to be uneducated and lacking knowledge of your heritage and culture to give that response.

    But when you don’t have anything in your head, then clearly nothing sensible can come out of your mouth.

    • That you speak of women’s liberation and can be filled with hate. She was asked what is Jamaica’s greatest contribution to the world and if we really want to get technical, as you are doing, the American Civil rights movement and Zimbabwe is NOT the world. See how the pettiness can be expanded there? There are people in this world who do not know nor care for the civil rights movement and all that you said about Garvey and his contribution can and have been contested in and outside of academia.

      The fact is she simply did not answer the question the way you would have and that’s fine, but that does not make her dumb. It’s a matter of perspective and yours clearly is about tearing down a young woman who did absolute nothing to you.

      As a student of cultural studies, I am comfortable with Kaci’s answer. Everywhere we go in the world Bolt and Marley are recognizable figures. She had 30 seconds on the world stage to say what she believes is our greatest contribution and she gave her answer. Can we deny that these are two of our greatest contributions? No one is saying that these are the only contributions but they are real and tangible that people the world over can relate to. Netherlands said tolerance and the arts was she wrong in saying that? I am sure there is much more she could have said. But she didn’t but those are facts.

  21. I did not view the pageant but had a quick view of all the contestants. I concluded Miss Jamaica was the most exotic of all 88 contestants. Lets be for real the answers are usually not that great. I have seen worse answers win in the past. She was not going to win because you can tell the organizers have a say in who wins. Then there is Donald Trump with his ugly taupe. What a horror show he is! All that money and he looks like Mary Whale. Not Good at all. It is a tired contest and no one is interested in it really. It fell apart years ago when NBC walked away from it. The Donald revived it since he likes to revive dead things. Get a grip and stop beating up on the Fennel woman. She is not the first Miss Jamaica to loose like that and she wont be the last. So show her the love you all know how to show her.

    • Miss Fennel looks so much like Shari Belofonte Harper who is the daughter of Harry Belofonte. I guess it is in the genes.

  22. Do you hear USA people calling Miss USA an embarrassment? Do you hear Ukraine people calling miss Ukraine an embarrassment? Do you hear people calling miss Columbia an embarrassment? If I watched the same programme as you did, those 3 answered questions very stupidly. Kaci said anything that the average jamaican would say in a heart. If anybody asked a jamaican how Jamaica influence the world reggae ago be the first thing caz of bob Marley so her answer was relevant and very spot on.

  23. Im soo proud to be a Jamaican at times like these,there are not alot to be proud of sometimes,this happens in all countries.crime,dirty politics and all,still Jamaica has been and still is the brightest light of the world and it reflected on Kaci a couple days ago,Im Jamaican,my mom and dad are Jamaican also,my wife is Jamaican and I am living in New York and what Im seeing is more respect for us because of people like Kaci,Usain and Tami .they are the ones that are carrying the torch that nanny bookman and Marcus Garvey.please give them credit.we are great people.correction.the greatest people! Kaci might have been thrown off by those spanish judges asking english questions and all those lights.but she did great.Top 5 is a win in my book.GO KACI!Greater to come!

  24. just forgive.. she didn’t know what was she answered!
    we are know,Robert Nesta Marley forgive her..
    we are rastas! and LOVE is our RELEGION!

  25. As an American, I wouldn’t put Bob Marley and Michael Jackson in the same category. michael Jackson was a musician and while Bob Marley was a musician he is seen throughout the world as much more than that… In fact there are some who see him as something of a prophet, trying to bring peace to the world. How many years since he’s walked this earth and no matter where you travel in the world, you will see his picture or hear his music and think of “One love”. That is quite a legacy.

  26. Cut the girl some slack and leave the girl a lone if you are so intelligent why didn’t you enter. it sure wasn’t a history contest no need for her to go down the annals of history. please analyze her response in comparison to Ukraine and Netherlands. jamaicans are always the first to criticize another.

  27. You are an embarrassment on yourself for posting this. Why weren’t you on stage then answering since you know oh so much about it. First of all culture is what Jamaica contributed to the world, do you hear anyone besides Jamaicans talking about Nanny. May her soul rest in peace. Stop embarrass yourself and go eat a cookie.

  28. No one is profet in their own land. While the entire world is saying that it was the best answer, you are saying she is an embarrassment?. Definetely black crab.

  29. All the contributions you mentioned is pre independence. What have Jamaica done since 1962? Post Colonization? I don’t really credit bauxite, since Jamaica accounts for a small percentage of Bauxite exports globally and much smaller since the free trade movement and we stopped getting preferential trade support from the British.

  30. Marcus Garvey was a convicted felon in The States my friend, he is not looked upon as an icon. He was deported to Jamaica and to this day we have being trying to get that expunged. They have ignored all the requests. The other people I dont know either, but i do know Bob Marley and bolt, two huge icons the world has embraced and place this little dot on the world stage. Great musical iconic names have endured centuries after their death because of the musical gifts they have given to the world, so let it be with Bob Marley. We dont know the greatness of our own. The influence of those two names will live forever in the annals of history my friend. She spoke well.

  31. “Don’t she know that Martin Luther King Jr., Malcolm X, Medgar Evers, Nelson Mandela and even President Barack Obama were influence by Marcus Garvey. Why didn’t she say Marcus Garvey?” I find your article quite interesting but grammatically speaking, it needs to be revised. I’m not a grammarian but the beginning of your question like statement/interrogation should be “doesn’t she know…. “She” being the third person singular requires a “S” in the conjugation of the verb “DO.” Thank you!!!!

  32. I do not agree with this article. When you have 30 seconds to answer a question. you reply with the first thing that comes to mind. I do agree that she could have left Usain Bolt out of the answer. but i think mentioning Bob Marley would have been a good answer if she had elaborated. Although there may have been more Jamaicans that influenced the world. Everyone knows and have heard of Bob Marley. If she had just continued with him alone i think she would have done better. Something along the lines of his contribution to reggae music and what it meant to people especially in Africa, and his music spread the word of peace and equality among mankind especially in times where people were fighting for freedom and independence. this is why his music is still so popular many decades after his death. Her first question started off good but was incomplete her mentioning that crime is in every country is true and violence especially against women is a global issue, that was an excellent start to the question. instead of ending with we all have to work together she should have once again just elaborated how? By introducing laws to protect not only women but also children, and to educate women on what they should or could do to prevent such violence.

  33. I agree to disagree. She could have spoken more about her culture instead of singling out just two persons.There are so many other responses she could have given, it wasn’t the best response and I don’t think it was the worst either. I wouldn’t go as far as saying she’s an embarrassment. She was graceful and was obviously the crowd’s favourite. Too many times we focus on a person’s flaw and never see the good that they do, why couldn’t this article have been about her journey through the competition and how well Jamaicans represent us on the world stage?

  34. I agree that the journalist could have produced a less interrogating article. However, I do believe he made valid points about her missing the mark. The moment One chooses to be on the world stage, and garner influence, One inherits great responsibility and becomes the example of excellence for others to aspire to.

    Miss Jamaica has a responsibility to Jamaican people to know its Jamaica’s golden history.

    The same goes for Miss America; she knows American history.

  35. who wrote this is an ass… how many persons or better yet the judges knows about maroon and slavery,, she answered the question base on what the entire world knows about , Usain and Bob Marley..

  36. who wrote this for shame your an embarrassment to even write an article like this think if she had answered as how u think she should about Maroons everyone would be blank like wtf. need i say anymore


  37. To all the haters, I would like to see which one of you could have given a better answer under such tremendous pressure!!!! So just shut up!!

    The world knows about Bob Marley and Usain Bolt. Yes she could have expanded her answers. Other than that none of the other answers were better than hers.

  38. This is the reason why some of us Jamaicans will not represent our country. We always find negative things to say in what others do. Kaci Fennel has gone to Ms. Universe and has represent us proudly. Kaci can stand up and say she has contributed to promoting brand JAMAICA. I believe she has done well and I stand as a proud Jamaica behind Kaci with however she answered that question. Stop bashing Kaci and do your part.

    • I have traveled the world , and when asked where you are from ” and I reply Jamaica ” they just lit up and Bob Marley mon.. No problem..yes we do have a very ,very rich culture and also lots of great people that left their mark on the Island .. But the young lady only had a few seconds ..she would need a whole hour any way did you all not see who were the judges.. A whole bunch of ding dongs ..

      Hold your head up Girl you did WONDERFUL ..

    • She has proven to the world again that there are so much positives about fi wi little sweet paradise Jamdung than the few negatives, haters use to put us down. It is so sad that these negative thoughts are coming from our own Jamaican haters who do not even have the guts to go back stage if they were in Kaci’s place. They need to pick the plank out of their eyes before they try to take the pea out of Kaci’s eyes. Mek them gweh!!! We love you Kaci, you did us proud and God will be opening many doors for you that no man or the haters can close.

  39. The problem I have with us as Jamaicans is how petty we are together as a people and as individuals.
    If we can be so critically passionate about things that I would consider to be miniscule, why then can’t we spend some of our valuable time in giving solutions to our leaders for the betterment of a country that has forgotten what contributions our slaves and earlier leaders gave and made for this country. Why aren’t we trying to make a difference where creating jobs for our youths are concerned? How come no one is debating on how embarrassing Damion Crawford sounded when he was encouraging us to leave the island and seek opportunities in foreign countries? Why aren’t we trying to solve the problems at hand in stead of being a crucifer? This article was a waste of time both for the writer, readers and commentors like myself.

  40. I beg to differ. Kaci had 30 seconds and she gave an answer that people could understand. In situations like these, one has to be smart and give an answer that people want to hear…..

    • Selam that was the best short answer Ive heard so far. Thats exactly what she did. What people can immediately identify with she stated. Which is all she needed. Maybe she could have elaborated just a bit about them but in a situation where your bound by pressure sometimes less is more, because answers must be clear and concise and theres more room to fumble. So her short and sweet answer “MADE SENSE”. Thats my view.

  41. This is the problem that we have as a people. WE ARE ALWAYS LOOKING FOR SOMEWAY TO TEAR EACH OTHER DOWN! HOW MANY OF US COULD HAVE STOOD UP ON THAT STAGE WITHOUT OUR KNEES GIVING WAY? Seriously you have nothing else to contribute to the world but to spread hate? May the Lord be with you.

  42. I bet when she is picked up by a Network, modeling agency, or to be an ambassador of some sort, Jamaicans will be proud that she is JAMAICAN. I just hope they you all remember these comments. AS SHE WAS NOTICED TO BE EXTRAORDINARY………BY THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!

  43. So what is the most important resource of a country? Who are the two MOST WELL KNOWN Jamaicans ever? How long did she have to formulate those answers? Critique her for not expounding more but I am sure you wrote this for the hits!! Very smart very astute very dirty and very unbecoming. What a pile of nonsense!!

  44. Bull shit. When I heard the question, those were the two figures that came to mind. Kudos Kaci you did majority of us proud. Christ did good and He still has haters, you are in good company.

  45. I think she did fine considering the amount of time she had to answer the question. Just like her many Bahamians would say the Golden Boys before they think of the ‘Migration to Florida Era’ or how the Eleutheran Adventurers played a part in the building of Harvard University, etc. It was a really on the spot question.

  46. you need to shut u trap…the young lady was quite under pressure when they asked her the question and she had to do quick thinking so she said what she said… so why don`t you jump off a building u got the whole night to think of your responses she got less than a second i need you to leave miss kaci alone please and thank you

    some of you people upsetting

  47. To the person who wrote this article, I’m a teacher in training at a well renown teachers college in Kingston. As a teacher in training I prize myself with the ability to understand someone’s ignorance. You are by far the most ignorant sociopathic person that has ever posted on the web. Kaci Fennell was applauded by the whole world even her compettitors, if you check the american press and loop news the headlines remain “Kaci Fennell Miss Universe Winner”, the greater proportion of this world believe Jamaica should have won. So pardon me to get out of mynzone of proximality. Yuh dunce nuh fuck b4 u write think critically

  48. Who is the uthor of this glorified of this glorified piece of crap…Kaci was bamg on..She touched the areas which were easily the greatest of Ja contribution..30 secs..if she has expounded on her answer in my mind she could do no wrong..uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu author..mi not even si u name..gu jump offa a damm bridge…REALLY…GI MI A DAMM BREAK..

  49. 18 karat reggae is just looking for attention.Like a troll.Kaci had a great response giving names of cultural heroes that are recognized universally. How is she going to explain who maroons or Marcus Garvey or Paul Bougle were in the little bit of time she had to respond. Obviously 18 has waaaaay too much time on his hands.

  50. Like seriously Tracy you are an embrassement to the world leave the girl. Why didn’t you spoke about how she lose points for her hair being short… shut the hell up

  51. Whoever wrote this stupid article need to find a deep hole and go lie in it ….you are a bad mind envious piece of a big load of dog shit!!!

  52. To be frank, Kaci has just placed Jamaica on the history records yet again. All the miscreants leaving negative comments about our dear Kaci would be better off ” sucking an Egg”


  53. I agree 100% with 18k Reggae. While we want to walk around with fake pride and talk about Kaci’s nerves and pressure, Kaci was the one who entered and won Ms Jamaica and then went on to compete in Ms World. As representative of her country, she should have such an answer, an “elevator speech” if you will, about what makes her country great. That was a easy question. She should have such an answer rehearsed and ready, SHE IS MISS JAMAICA!!!!!!!! What mek Jamaica fantastic?????? Our global representative should know all that. It is clear many of us are blinded by national pride and Kaci’s pretty looks but guess what? All the ladies at Ms Universe are pretty. Further more, when some of the other girls spoke about platforms, and charities, and outreach, she chose to talk about her helping her mother cook, and how she representing for short hair ladies. For real? She could have at least made up a story about cooking for underprivileged kids maybe…Sorry I watched the program to support our girl, but she did not represent well. Pretty, probably a lovely person, sweet as sugar, but she didn’t do herself any favors.

  54. I note the writer’s cowardice: no name. Here’s my unsolicited advice to the writer: you have an itch that badly needs attending to; scratch it!

  55. I am sure all those ‘great’ examples didn’t just popped up in the author’s head in less than a second of them watching it on TV/hearing the question. As per date that this article was published it took several hours for the author to post this, must be because they weren’t smart enough for those ‘great’ examples to pop up in their head and as such had to research and craft this article. These ladies are in front of thousands of people and have the world watching them, that’s no easy task that’s nerve wrecking. So Kaci’s response to that question in a second of being asked was great.

  56. The Maroons played no part in the ending of slavery, they in fact owned slaves. Marcus Garvey is, however, the single most important contribution of Jamaica’s to world. Garvey’s influence has impacted on all black people since formation of the UNIA in some form or another. You cannot fault her for being as similarly ignorant as you are about the Maroons, as the history being taught in school have failed to give a more comprehensive and thoughtful account.

  57. You are a colossal jackass! If I could spit in your face I honestly would! Kaci had thirty seconds, how long did it take your dumb ass to Google shit & come up with this? Next time you want to bitch and call someone else an embarrassment bitch check your grammar first! Only embarrassment I see is you, whoever you are. And don’t you dare send any crap to my e-mail, i have no interest in your bullshit.

  58. My sisters and brothers .. this is an interesting debate and certainly does not warrant going at each others throat. Kaci has done extraordinary well in representing Jamaica. She did not get that far by just being beautiful but obviously she is confident and smart. So with that said, I doubt she will be affected by the authors comments…. People have a right to their opinion and we can agree to disagree in a diplomatic fashion ……… One Love.

  59. 18 k & ZeePee you guys are good keep telling it like it is a lot of Jamacians don’t like when someone speaks the truth if it walks like a duck it a duck.. Quick,quck ps. most of you guys are idiots and can not spell real English words go back to school!

  60. Writer i did not see you on stage strutting your stuff, but she did that and more. She represented jamaica very well and im more than proud of her, you are being too hard on miss fennel ,be nice, have a heart.

  61. what a load of shi..ooops,what a load of crap!!!!! this article is an embarrassment,i will say no more because i will get into problems if i should write what i really want to

  62. Hi person who wrote this article. When you decide to criticise someone please make sure you are actually accurate and be intelligent enough to check you grammar and vocabulary before you pretend being more intelligent than any other person. The question stated “BIGGEST contribution to the WORLD”. Not to Jamaica or to Haiti but to the “WORLD”. Hence her response being Usain Bolt and BOB Marley being respectively the fastest man in the “WORLD” and one of the most respected artist in the “WORLD”. So instead of trying to negatively criticise someone with no backbone to your argument, please take a bow and find another career because writing or a journalism related path isn’t for you.

    To all Jamaicans out there. You should be proud of Kaci’s Answer the fact that you had any positive contribution to the WORLD as a nation is a great achievement in itself.

  63. i like to see this idiot who wrote this article go on stage and have 30 seconds and say something to a judge that mattered to our country. The girl did great.

  64. Say the name Bob Marley in any part of the world, even some small village in anywhereland… and everyone immediately knows who he is, what he has done and where he is from.. period

  65. Bauxite? Bauxite!!?/ Are you serious?

    This is proof that some people will say anything to get noticed. Nicely trolled by the author, the fish will come biting after this.

    Go to ANY country and tell them you are from Jamaica; “Bob Marley” is among the first words you will hear in reply. Like it or not, Bob Marley has been Jamaica’s biggest export to the World over the past 40 years. His music has positively affected millions, and will continue to do so for eternity. Marley’s music has been everything from an anthem for revolution to one song being declared Song of the Century! FYI: Kaci’s answer is the only one that trended world wide; individually Bob Marley and Usain Bolt trended after she said their names; such is their popularity now and such is the accuracy of her answer.

    Could she have elaborated? Yes. Could she have structured her answer better? Yes. Wrong answer? No.

    Bauxite? You’re joking.

  66. Unfortunate to say, I was dumbfounded when I heard her response. I’m a person who don’t even have social media accounts, cause quite frankly, I just live my life without giving my views, unless it affects my company.
    Anyways, Kaci was splendid! Gorgeous! And to me, was the expected winner up until the questions round. Kaci, nor her competitors are the 1st to do Miss Universe. With that said, I have seen where persons have answered way better in the question round, because by now, the “pressure” with such an event, should be understood. Especially with her charisma, she was so relaxed every other time I saw her, and I was like “Yes, we (Jamaica) got this!”. For me, her response could have been waaaayy better no matter the pressure, no matter how proud we are that she represented, no matter how much other Jamaicans couldn’t do it, no matter what….it should be a natural instinct to NOT say “Jamaica contributed Bob Marley and Usuain Bolt”. Bob himself would not like that cause he himself states that he is here to spread Reggae Music around the world. Her answer would more suit a question “Who are the most iconic persons who have touched the world from your country, Jamaica”….I am VERY proud of this beautiful girl, however, the question she was given should have been answered simply by the fact of you being a Jamaican…information that should have been instilled in us from basic to Primary/Prep school level…Our music (Reggae Music started Rap), Our rich Culture (How we think, walk, expecially how we talk and our “Don’t Worry” atitude, how we sound “Jamica mon”), Our Food, Our athletes (Not Usain, but Merlene, Shelly, Bobsled team…Jamaican born person are on the teams of other countries), Our landscape (Beaches…tourism, blah blah) and more.

    So I am not judging anyone, but even 1 of the answers I just wrote could have been said. And they aren’t hard to think of at all when a gun is at your head and your life is at stake, more so when you are answering to become Miss Jamaica Universe.

    Ps….they still robbed her! she should have won! #Bitches!

  67. You are a Hyprocrite ! “Taking Reggae to new heights” is your catch line but want to pee on Kacy becuse it was the first thing that came to mind under that kind of pressure …..i’m not even Jamacian but supported her all the way…. Your government should me ashamed of themselves for not sending someone from office to greet her she put you all on the World stage and did an amazing job …..THIRD WORLD MENTALITY !

  68. Hello 18 Carrot, Don’t back down. I am amused by the Ignorance on display
    and the name calling, but one has to ask the question, what is the criteria for
    selecting contestants inside Jamaica??? This Chick may be attractive, but
    that’s where it ends. My Opinion.

  69. In stead of bashing her, jow about creating a Facebook page dedicated to the subject.. “Jamaica ‘ s contributions to the world”

  70. Lol obviously, whomever wrote this is uneducated on the Jamaica culture and it’s music. Reggae music has done so much for other countries in the esp. Bob he was a very influential man on countries like Africa when our music got banned and they fought for peace, because of our music. Before writing, the key is to always research my dear that’s what made great writers as great as they are.

  71. Why don’t you go and interview the winner of Miss Universe….and leave Kaci alone….You know why you can’t get an interview with the winner…Because you have a shitty web site…that no one cares about…..a hustle site…that is going no where…

  72. Ok, so maybe you may think that it is an embarrassment how she answered the question. Yes, she could have had better choices in her words, but in all honesty; music(the arts), and sports is Jamiaca’s leading contribution to the world along with tourism. Talking about slavery leaves a negative connotation, and in a competition such as this, the contestants are expected to give positive feedback. What if Miss USA were to talked about slavery and how the U.S. Contributed to that? Would we say she’s an embarrassment to the United States too? As a native born Jamaican myself, I wouldn’t have answered that question any other way. I am proud that Jamaica is known internationally for our soul filling music, and our talented athletes. How about you tell us more current and up-to-date contributions Jamiaca is making to the world. Let’s say, the global market place, or to world trade, or even to international policy. Lef Kaci mek she be! She did a phenomenal job!

  73. We can only respond according to the degree we were taught. I think she did herself and her nation a favour by responding what she has absorbed in her mental system and it is a good reflection of contents of her country’s education system.

    We can’t judge her. We will judge that which has nurtured her and that which she is representing :Jamaica of coz. 🙂

  74. A country’s contribution can be political, medical, the arts, sports etc. Her answer was not inappropriate but rather inadequate. Needed to be expound on

    • At least she answered the question. The rest never answer at all. I am still waiting on the others to tell us about contribution tot he world

      Miss USA did say the USA contribute help to who ask for it. What the hell is that? Kaci said exactly what and who. The judge’s had SERIOUS language problem

  75. I really don’t think it was the answer to that particular question that lost her the crown. She couldn’t hear/understand the Italian guy when he read the first question about violence against women. Her generic/confused answer I think is what lost it.

    • What is generic or confused about saying we all have to come (or work) together) to deal with the violence? That was a better answer than any the others gave. What is more she had hell hearing Mr Bumble (so did the rest of us)

  76. I am very thankful that you were not the one who was asked that question. MISS JAMAICA IS PERFECTLY RIGHT IN HER ANSWER. Asked any non- Jamaican
    about Jamaica and this is what they say
    1. Bob Marley
    2 . Usain Bolt
    3. Cool runnings
    4. Marijuana and just to name a few
    You mention The names you have in your article and I am sure most of the conversation will be about explain who these people are.
    How dare you to say that she is an embarrassment to Jamaica………if you don’t realized this contest is much about politics and less about education.
    Stop being so judgemental…..she did not loose because she did not say what you think she should have said……we make fuss over some simple things that does not even matter.
    I am absolutely sure that if she had said the things you were expecting, the value of the Jamaican dollar and other things would not improve…..

  77. Kaci’s response to the question about Jamaica’s contribution to the World,was on point, although she could have expounded on it. The answer to Emilio Estefan’s question about violence against women missed it’s mark completely,however.The decision about the winner of these contests are often times made before the broadcast. The Live broadcast is for just for our entertainment. Kaci did a Remarkable job.!!! She placed in the Top5. Be proud of Her, because she did Jamaica Proud. When was the last time You made Jamaica proud,huh?

  78. Lol, I would leave a long comment like some of these other people with their painfully obvious and honest explanations.. but not today. Why? Because you ignore them! When someone mentioned the impact of bob marley and reggae in Africa during a time of great racial turmoil you made no attempt to voice your opinion on it.. haha did you think the song Zimbabwe was for shits and giggles? No my friend, its was geared towards real conflict and its impact ON THE WORLD was real.. lets not pick at the petty stuff especially when you seem a bit misinformed yourself, blessed love all the same.

  79. Contribution to the world???????
    The young lady
    gave a great answer.I think I would have lost the
    competition right there if I was in.
    I would have asked;
    “Who is the world in the context of your
    question? Because to identify a major
    contribution to an entity pushing in opposite
    directions depends which side of the fight I
    When the shoe is on the other foot
    we have a lot to do.
    I also have a problem with referring to Bob
    Marley as an entertainer. These men, Bob
    Marley, Peter Tosh, Burning Spear, were (are)
    not just entertainers. They were philosophers,
    revolutionaries, teachers. Why belittle your/our
    heroes like that ?Bob Marley,Entertainer? That cap don’t fit.
    “Dont underestimate my ability. It’s time you
    recognize my quality,” Peter said.
    Ever been to a foreign country and someone
    asks’ are you ” where are you from?” and when
    you tell them Jamaica .the next words out of
    their mouth is”Oh,Bob Marley !
    Yes, and it doesn’t matter where you go. You
    will find Bob Marley!

  80. 18 Karat Reggae, paying your taxes is nothing for Jamaica to be proud of you for. It is an obligation for you to pay your taxes. No pat on the back is needed for things that should be done regardless. Regarding Kaci’s performance in the Miss Universe pageant, she did a remarkable job. I am strongly convinced that the main purpose of this article was to give you an opportunity to display your ‘vast’ knowledge on Jamaica’s history and in doing so feel better about yourself, while dragging Kaci through the mud. Would you not agree that Bob Marley and Usain Bolt are some of the greatest contributions Jamaica has made to the world? If you do not agree then I would say that you are doing an even greater injustice to Jamaica than you are claiming Kaci did. There is a time and place and forum for everything and I believe that Kaci’s answer was appropriate for this pageant and the audience she was speaking to. As another person mentioned, if she was asked that question in Jamaica, recounting historical figures dear to Jamaica’s culture would have been fitting, but for this international pageant her answer was appropriate. By mentioning Usain Bolt and Bob Marley, two world renowned individuals, she not only paid homage to Jamaica, but she allowed the rest world to join her in celebrating the fruits of her country by being able to relate to who she was talking about; something that would not have been easily done if she had mentioned the people you mentioned in this article. The raw truth is not everyone around the world knows of the people you mentioned but unquestionably the vast majority who know of Jamaica, know of Usain Bolt and Bob Marley. The next time you feel the need to call someone an embarrassment to their country because they do not meet YOUR anal, biased, and unforgiving standards, stop, look into yourself and ask “am I doing this to soothe my own insecurities or am I truly giving constructive criticism in hopes to lift up my fellow brother/sister?”.

  81. Whatever Kaci answered idiots like you would have been critical of her answer. She had 30 seconds to answer a question that she and most non-spanish speaking persons could barely understand. You had unlimited time to respond to her answer and look at what you came up with, seem to me you are the embarrassment. Get the hell off your soapbox.

  82. You foolish idiot rumour monger stop nasty up the lady’s name. Go find out what she was asked before opening your mouth. Stop spreading rumour for rumour mongery is a very low form of behaviour. You are the embarrassment

    The question was, what has your country contributed tothe world and Kaci is the ONLY ONE who answered the question. Apart from miss USA who gave a less than good answer none of the others even came close. Go get the facts before opening your mouth and you should PUIBLISH A PUBLIC APOLOGY TO KACI and the rest of us whom you shame with this nonsense

    Again MAKE A PUBLIC APOLOGY for if I were Kaci I would sue your back side. Be careful for I just may do it

  83. I’ll never understand why we can’t lift up each other up as a people instead of tearing each other down. A simple congratulations would have been better. You are coming across as an embarrassment to Jamaica by writing this article without giving much thought to the world stage that might read it. This article and your misplaced pride have made us a laughingstock stock. Way to go!

  84. This article is garbage!!! On the spot she came up with bob marley and usain ok…but she wasnt given 10 mins to think of her answer. Cmon how can someone be so critical and insensitive. ..bob marley and usain aŕe jamaican icons goood job kacy u did me proud

    • I agree that Kaci did us proud. Many of you critical, insensitive hypocrites would have done worse! Give the woman a BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Maroons help to end slavery ? How by signing a treaty with the British to return runaway slaves lol please. To your credit though i felt her answer was lacking a bit but she was on the right track she should have noted the various individuals and their contributions bob ,Garvey specifically.
    And to your last post the best girl won she was a fan favorite the best contestant should be chosen period whether she looks like the majority or not.

  86. To the writer of this article:
    YOU KNOW WHAT, I disagree that Kaci Fennell is an embarassment. I think she did great with her answer, what with all the pressure and time constraints. As someone not living in Jamaica (as with all MU judges who were also non-Jamaicans), we don’t really know most of the names you mentioned that she shouldve answered. So with a global audience, international icons/names from your country (such as Bob Marley and Usain Bolt) are really not bad answers to the Miss Universe question.

  87. Well she not lying the people down there today are disrespectful n licki licki smh wat else come out of Jamaica in these times so great vibes cartel lol how come every one down there all of a sudden demand can’t get over it only good thing out of Jamaica is Bob Marley n Marcus Garvey

  88. Rubbish article. Nothing wrong with her answer. It was cheerful and positive, why bring up slavery on a world platform.

  89. To be honest this is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever come across. Firstly, big up Miss Jamaica Kaci Fennell. Secondly, the journalist that wrote the article is utterly out of touch with reality. Ask anyone in the world what Jamaica’s greatest contribution to the world is and the resounding answer you will get is Bob Marley, Reggae and Usain Bolt. As a Jamaican I’m proud of our history and cultural legacy but some people need to understand currency which the journalist that wrote this article obviously doesn’t. Shame on the writer for trying to diss Kaci Fennell.

  90. I think she have a great answer. Bob Marley was not only a musician he was a political advocate who advanced the rights of black people all over the world. Your article is an uneccessary insult to Kaci Fennel. Shame on you for writing this.

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