White men make better husbands than Black men, according to Kamala Harris.

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Kamala Harris and her husband
Kamala Harris and her husband

Presidential hopeful, Kamala Harris, is proud of her heritage; a heritage that is made up of an Indian mother and a Jamaican father.

Kamala Harris is especially proud of her love of marijuana that she believes she got from the Jamaican part of her heritage. Ironically, as a prosecutor in California, she prosecuted hundreds of Black males for marijuana usage.

“I have smoked and I did inhale. Half my family is from Jamaica, are you kidding me?” Harris said when asked about her position on Marijuana.

However, when it comes to choosing a husband that is where Harris love of heritage stopped as she has never dated an Indian or a Jamaican man. In fact, even though she has dated numerous Black men including former mayor of San Francisco, Willie Brown, none of them were husband quality for her. So Harris remained a spinster until she was 50 years old.

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After a friend set up Kamala Harris on a blind date with Douglas Emhoff, a white attorney, she experienced what a husband should be, according to her and a year later she was engaged.

According to Kamala Harris, in her own experience, white men make better husbands, at least for her.
Harris says that although she enjoyed the relationship with some of the Black men she dated, the white man is the one she chose to marry.

“Look, I love my husband, and he happened to be the one that I chose to marry, because I love him more than the other men I dated and that’s it,” Harris said. “And he loves me,” she continued with a silly laugh as if none of the Black men she dated loved her.

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