13 Reasons why High Times should add Sizzla back to the Reggae on the River festival.

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Sizzla Kalonji
Sizzla Kalonji

As homosexuals celebrate their pride month, they are executing their own brand of bigotry and discrimination against Black Reggae artists. Homosexual groups have joined forces with High Times Magazine to lynch a selected group of artists and this time their site is set on Sizzla who was recently kicked off the Reggae on the River lineup for a song he did over a decade ago.

Reggae fans are not taking this blatant discrimination sitting down as non-Black artists who also recorded homophobic lyrics are still on the festival’s lineup. As a result, fans of Reggae started an online petition to get Sizzla back on the lineup. For those whoa re interested in seeing judgment prevail and have not yet sign the petition, they should do so.

Below we list 13 reasons why Sizzla should be on the lineup from people who are supporting the petition and why you should support it too.

1. I support this petition as I’m against the silencing of anti-establishment voices. There is an expectation that citizens including musicians are not robbed of their freedom of speech. The more appropriate action is to draw parameters around performances, rather than to silence. – Vonetta

2. Homophobic music should never be condoned. At the same time, Sizzla recorded those songs almost two decades ago when he was in his twenties. As a 43-year-old man, there is no way he should still be getting crucified for those lyrics. Sean Paul has never been punished for “…I man nah play number two.” Damian Marley was never punished “Funny man a get drop like a bad habit.” So why is Sizzla being lynched, except for the fact that he is Black? Black people and all good people, regardless of race, should stand up and say, “No More”. – Gregory

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3. Ridiculous! Put the man back on the lineup. I know I am not the same person I was back that much time and what happened to free expression – Sheri

4. I am signing this petition cause, Sizzla is a great musician, inspires me helps with my anxiety and stress levels cos he sings from the heart Words come from within his soul. I call this music therapy. Reggae is the key to life. Trina


6. Rasta have rights! Just as much as any other group! Let Sizzla perform! – Jamila

7. Freedom of speech and heterosexual rights – Dwaine

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8. Hate should never be returned with hate if you want true change and equality – Cherokee

9. Sizzla spreads message of victory and wisdom. He is a mighty man of valor who walks in peace and should be honored as such. – Valerie

10. High times needs to get into the solution instead of contributing to a bigger problem. Sizzla has grown from those songs and is very positive now. Where is his freedom of speech being respected? Why cancel him for a group of people whose rights are already protected? Smh. High times just lost an avid reggae fan. Shame on them. – Dorena

11. Because he doesn’t continue to sing about hate, that was a decade ago and it’s called freedom of speech. – Catrina

12. Music is freedom for the people free up the rass man voice. – J Cannon

13. If you ban 1 you ban them All! If not, what’s the message you’re really trying to convey? – Hauna

Sign the petition and add your reason why Sizzla should be back on the Reggae on the River lineup.



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