Finally, a docufilm chronicling the Life of Marcus Garvey.

Marcus Garvey
Marcus Garvey

Jamaican Native, US-based filmmaker,Roy Anderson will produce the biopic centered around Jamaica’s national hero, Marcus Garvey.

To Jamaicans, Marcus Garvey is a treasure and National Hero; to others within the pan-African movement, he’s a pioneer, the activist extraordinaire. He was celebrated by renown civil rights activists such as MLK, Malcolm X, MANDELA and Farrakhan! The Untold Story” couldn’t be more anticipated.  It’s well overdue and eyes and ears are on edge.

Roy Anderson is no stranger to Marcus Garvey’s profound legacy and relevance. In fact, this will be the third production in a series from Anderson’s Black Star Line Films. He also produced the Queen Nanny Film!

Anderson is quoted as saying he is taking his time with this project to ensure that it is done right. He hopes  to give this story its due and do it justice. Production has already started, last December to be precise, interviews are currently being conducted in efforts to provide as true a depiction of Garveys life as possible.  Apparently, there  are also some dramatizations and re-enactments which will be shot in Jamaica next summer.

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Jamaican, Paul Williams will reportedly play Garvey in the film. Garvey’s story, his speeches, his deportation from the United States in 1927, as well as moments from his childhood growing up in St Ann’s Bay, Jamaica will all be depicted.

“For Anderson, getting the Garvey story correct is of critical importance, hence the timely nature in which the production is being approached. We’ve all seen, heard and felt that Garvey has been maligned and misrepresented over time and, therefore, this production should showcase the man for who he really was. The man who literally gave us the blue printer for black pride, power and redemption,

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Anderson is concerned that In the past, Garvey has been represented as a caricature; someone who took people for their money, so the intention is to present the other side, a better reflection of what this social giant really stood for!  Garveyites are waiting with bated breath, to see their hero displayed in fine, authentic fashion.



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