13 Reasons to use Cannabis.

Cannabis Cup
Cannabis Cup

Cannabis has numerous benefits including medicinal uses.  Below are 13 reasons to use Cannabis.

1. You can use cannabis to help you lose weight. Many people with eating disorders use marijuana to help regulate their appetite, and it can be also used to regulate your metabolism. This, of course, will need to work in concert with other measures — specifically, following a proper diet and getting enough exercise. But if you need help managing your appetite, cannabis can help.

2. cannabis is an effective tool for helping people kick their addictions. At one point, there was (and still is) concern about marijuana addiction. But now, cannabis is being used to help ween people off of other substances. Those include alcohol, opioids, and even hard drugs. But that’s not to say you can’t develop a problematic relationship with cannabis.

3. Research has shown cannabis can kill cancer cells, meaning it could become a new weapon in an oncologist’s arsenal. Again, there’s a lot more research to be done, but so far, the early results are promising. Cannabis can also make chemotherapy a more pleasant experience, too.

4. Medical marijuana is great for fighting depression. With depression and mental illness becoming a bigger issue, this is incredibly important. Depression affects roughly 15 million American adults or around 7% of the population. And the good news is studies are being published that cannabinoids can help stabilize your mood and ease depression.

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5. Closely related to depression, anxiety and panic attacks are also among the things marijuana can help regulate. Though we traditionally think ingesting cannabis will make you paranoid, there are certain strains or types of marijuana that can help alleviate anxiety. If you plan on trying cannabis to deal with your anxiety issues.

6. Marijuana and the right combination of cannabinoids can help manage mental issues and ADHD effectively. But just like with many of the other health issues we’ve covered, it all depends on getting the right chemical composition when choosing marijuana strains or products.

7. Cannabis can help protect your brain. We’re finding the right combination of cannabis can help stave off degenerative diseases, including Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. There’s also research showing cannabis can help protect your brain receptors from harm.

8. Researchers are finding cannabis might become a valuable tool in protecting people from diseases. Scientists are exploring whether marijuana can help cure herpes and even fight HIV. And if you are on the market for a Viagra replacement, pot might be able to help you with that issue, too.

9. Cannabis help your skin through the use of topicals containing cannabinoids. You can find these lotions or oils in medical marijuana dispensaries, meaning they’re still unavailable to many people.

10. Cannabis can help you recover from very serious injuries. And we don’t just mean you can use it as a painkiller. Research has emerged that shows marijuana helps broken bones heal faster. It also can make your bones stronger and prevent future fractures. As it turns out, cannabidiol enhances collagen maturation, leading to healthier and stronger connective tissues.

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11. Pot can help chronic illness and Crohn’s disease.. The key is in the anti-inflammatory properties that cannabis has. And because many patients are dealing with inflammation, it can help. There also doesn’t appear to be any serious side effects.

12. Cannabis can be a powerful sleep aid. This is caused by the chemical composition of indica strains, mostly, which tend to have higher THC concentrations. If you plan on using pot as a sleep aid, make sure you know what strains you’re dosing with.

13. Cannabis is edible. That’s not just as in “edibles” — such as brownies or cookies — but edible in that you can use hemp seeds to make a variety of foods. You wouldn’t want to eat a dried bud, of course, as that would probably just make you sick. But you can find a variety of food products derived from hemp at many stores. That includes breads, protein powders, and more.




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