Benefits of using Marijuana before going to bed.

Most of us by using marijuana get relaxed and fall asleep. Cannabis has properties that help to fall asleep easily, deeply and for longer than normal. In addition, the user has a pleasant rest while reducing the intensity of dreams and controls breathing during the night. However, only the Indica varieties meet this goal.

There are many people who for years smoke cannabis before bedtime to fight insomnia and rest in a pleasant way. They use it as a medicine capable of ending stress and relaxes the ones who consume when it is dark. A lot of people see it as the best way to put an end to day point and make a good night. This trend is not accidental: several studies have shown that marijuana has significant properties that help sleep even among those which are the most difficult to achieve it.
There are various effects linked to sleep that are produced by grass. For example, THC (psychoactive component of marijuana) significantly reduces the time that both healthy people and those suffering insomnia fall asleep. As a general rule usually they need about 7 minutes to sleep, unless the individual is under stress, pain or other discomfort. Cannabis, in this case acts as a sedative in order to get that time required and do not last longer than desired .

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Keep in mind that the Indica varieties are the most suitable for this, as they have relaxing and analgesic properties, while The Sativa, cause euphoric effect ( contrary to that desired in these cases) , so it is advised not to smoke them two hours before going to bed .

On the other hand, although often depends on the amount consumed, the joint action of THC and CBD helps the user sleep for longer than usual. Also you get a period of deep rest that take place during the third and fourth stages of sleep and , despite this , the next day no effects on the user will remain , so you can continue with your daily life normally.

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It is in those moments of deep sleep when it has a power of ‘restoration’ and helps the body to repair their problems. Specifically, this phase helps reduce levels of an element that is associated with the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia.

In addition, marijuana also decreases the density of rapid eye movement that occurs during REM sleep, which also contributes to a greater rest of the individual. Precisely because the deep sleep stage lengthens REM sleep (final time) is reduced when the unconscious person is more active. This means that the consumer will imagine less while sleeping, just have dreams or they will be very mild, so the next day almost did not remember them.

We all know that smoking before bed is great, but please provide us with your own experiences and thoughts about smoking before sleeping.



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