Bob Marley Estate’s Marijuana deal shows selfishness and greediness?

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Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer
Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer

One thing with Bunny Wailer he does not pull any punches. He seems to say what he thinks and he does not care who it offends.

We have gotten a lot of emails telling us that we should not publish anything said by Bunny Wailer. Some have accused him of being bitter, jealous and one particular reader even went as far as saying that “he needs to sit down and be quiet.”

Some of the things he says like Rita Marley and Chris Blackwell killing Bob Marley, only he, Rita and Chris knows; however, other things like who had to bear the pain and suffering for being a Rasta and promoting marijuana are undeniable facts that the entire Jamaica knows. The sad fact is, even though Jamaica is 98% Black, the reason Peter and Bunny suffered for being Rastas and using marijuana while Bob did not, was because of skin pigmentation.

Now Bunny Wailer is being highly critical of Bob Marley being chosen as the face to represent marijuana.

“The Marley Natural deal must be publicly opposed. Not only does the deal have serious implications for future efforts by Jamaica to capitalize on the benefits of marijuana legalization, but it also highlights the selfishness of the Marley estate,” said Bunny Wailer.

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Many Jamaicans believe it should be the Wailers as a whole not just Bob Marley representing the marijuana brand and Bunny Wailer is in total agreement.

The ganja issue can only be dealt with as The Wailers collectively, and what the Marley estate has done since Robert Marley’s death is to wipe away the collective works, catalog, image and rights of The Wailers from public existence,” Wailer said.

“The Marley Natural brand has now spotlighted their selfish behavior,” Bunny Wailer said, adding that himself and the late Peter Tosh are probably more deserving than Bob Marley himself to be the face of the marijuana brand, given their greater involvement with the issue.

“Certainly, the fans would say that Peter Tosh was the international face and myself the local face of marijuana,” Bunny Wailer said. “Both of us have been brutalized and imprisoned for ganja.”

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“I served 14 months in prison and Peter was subjected to several brutalizing episodes, sometimes beaten to within inches of his life,” Bunny Wailer added. “In terms of advocacy for the change of laws, only myself and Peter have put our money, time and effort here. Since Robert’s death, the estate has not done or supported any such effort.”

The sad thing about all of this is, Jamaicans are so caught up with what foreigners think that they will join the foreigners and criticize Bunny Wailer. However, Bunny does speak the truth, Peter Tosh was the main one pushing, fighting and suffering for marijuana legalization. It is sad that his estate will not benefit now that it has been decriminalized and is getting ready to be legalized in Jamaica.

The whole think is kind of like Marcus Garvey creating the “One Love” phrase and the Bob Marley Estate trademarking it.



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  1. That statement written. ..Jamaicans are so caught up in what foreigners think that they will even turn against Bunny Wailea is so spot
    on,and if the foreigners are whites. It’s even more so…sad but true. .I remember going to jamaica two years ago,and while waiting for t he bus I was in disbelief over all the white tv show that shows them as being perfect human being. ..shows from the sixties seventies eighties and nineties. It was like a freak show being shove down those poor people throats…..Mr Bunny W eyes are wide open. Let’s hope others are too

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