Bunny Wailer to be buried next to his marijuana farm.

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Ganja Farmer
Bunny Wailer the marijuana farmer

Dreamland Farm, the 142-acre marijuana estate located snugly on the border of St Thomas and Portland in Jamaica, will be the final resting place for reggae legend Bunny Wailer, who passed away on Tuesday, March 2, at the Medical Associates Hospital in St Andrew.

“As the surviving member of The Wailers, I have 142 acres and I am going to plant ganja,” Bunny Wailer said a few years before his death at an organizer of the eastern chapter of the National Council of the Ganja Industry, through the Ganja Future Growers and Producers Association.

There were many discussions over where reggae icons of the caliber of Bunny Wailer should be buried, with the National Heroes Park being one of the options. The reggae legend had been awarded one of the highest and rarest orders by the Government of Jamaica, the Order of Merit.

Analyst Clyde McKenzie is one person who has made his voice heard. “The Order of Merit is assigned to individuals of great renown. Where do you inter someone who has been conferred with that kind of honor?” he asked in an interview with The Jamaican Gleaner. “Heroes Park burial is a complicated issue. The Government has to come up with a consistent plan or policy on how we treat this particular issue. The promulgation of such a policy has economic implications, and benefits that flow, if properly planned,” McKenzie said.

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Maxine Stowe, the manager and business partner of Bunny Wailer, and who is also the widow of Dancehall legend Sugar Minott, and the niece of super producer Clement ‘Sir Coxsone’ Dodd, agrees with McKenzie. “Where do we bury persons who have made such great contributions to their country? U-Roy, the ‘Godfather of Dancehall’, just passed, and even though he was not conferred with an Order of Merit, he, too, is a part of this narrative. There needs to be cultural protocols that inform this situation,” Stowe said.

However, with respect to Bunny Wailer, who is also known as ‘Jah B’, the final resting place is one that is in keeping with what he would have wanted. Just like Peter Tosh and Bob Marley, Bunny Wailer also spent most of his life advocating for the legalization of marijuana, therefore it is only fitting the he will be laid to rest on his own marijuana farm.

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“I Don Dadda, Bunny Wailer, will always be searching for and looking for ways and means of legalizing ganja for the benefit of all Jamaican people, especially Rastafarians who have been identified with Ganja,” he said at a forum entitled Guilty Drug Innocent Plant, a few years before his death. “There are people who are benefiting from ganja who are politicians but yet as politicians they have not made any effort for the legalization of ganja,” he continued.

“There is a serious responsibility to ganja. To ensure that children and the next generation do not end up fighting for the legalization of ganja,” Bunny Wailer added.

“Where he is to be physically interred on the property will be a secret to the public,” Stowe said. “It is what he would have wanted, and that is the most important thing here. Even Butch Stewart is interred on his own property,” she added.



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