Cannabis and Asthma.


THC content in marijuana has proven its effectiveness for people with asthma; it relaxes their bronchi (bronchodilating effect) and thus allowing more oxygen to flow through the lungs. Asthma involves breathlessness, permanent cough, dizziness, unable to breathe deeply and freely. Symptoms generated mainly by inflammation in the bronchi.

If a person has some heart problems and in the same time he has asthma, this can cause death, if the person gets tired the heart start to hit so fast and it can go over it because the person cannot get enough oxygen.

THC and CBD can replace the inhalators and this can be very useful to prevent the asthma. Cannabis is a natural plant so it will not contain carcinogenic effects, but if smoked cannabis may contain some compounds that may damage the bronchial mucosa by the fact combustion performed; it would be advisable to use a vaporizer, otherwise by oral.

The ability of cannabis to act as a bronchodilator is perhaps its most significant property in terms of the treatment of asthma. During an asthma attack, the bronchioles (the branching network of tubes that carry oxygen to the alveoli) become constricted, causing the rate of oxygen flow to drastically reduce.

Generally, the extent of bronchoconstriction during an attack is determined by peak expiratory flow measurements, which are taken from patients and compared to readings taken in normal circumstances. The difference between the normal rate of airflow and the limited airflow during an attack can thus be determined.

Several studies have shown that administration of cannabis in various forms can significantly improve bronchoconstriction both during an asthma attack and in normal circumstances.



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