High Science: How Cannabis Will Help Us Live Forever.

Everybody wants to live longer and wants to extend his/her life. When we come to this fact nowadays only one thing can help us, The Cannabis! The advanced medicine has shown us an ideal understanding of how our system works and we will fight against our enemy The Death!

The quest for immortality

By going fast in the future, from disease management to organ replacement, there stands only one true obstacle in the way of significant longevity. Each 7 years, our bodies replace every cell, essentially making us into new people. But By getting older, The process goes down, and in no area more clearly than our brains. Adult neurogenesis degradation accounts for a significant portion of all age-related deaths. Whether it starts as chronic depression and ennui with the world, or the slow twilight of Alzheimer’s and dementia, eventually the brain simply can’t fix itself as fast as it wears down.

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Aging is not universal or even necessary

Even though what most of us believe, aging is not predictable. Most of the people get older so fast, while others don’t. This is because of our DNA, which can be modified, or even blocked by couple of factors. As well as exist other beings on the planet with far longer lifespans than people. Rockfish, in Alaska, live up to 4 centuries. Methuselah, a tree that lives in California, is over 5,000 years old. Scientists have even discovered a tiny creature called a water bear, which is apparently immortal. It can survive extreme heat, cold, and even the vacuum of space.

There a lot of ways that show cannabis use helps us live longer. If you were to peek inside the brain of someone who regularly smoked marijuana, you would find that it didn’t look quite like the brain of someone who didn’t smoke. First, you might notice that a critical part of the brain that helps us process emotions and make decisions appeared smaller than in the brains of the nonsmoker. But you would see something else, too: that the connections passing through that region of the brain were stronger and thicker.

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Astronauts could survive long periods in space without using up vital resources. The future is a bright place for cannabis research. The more we look at this amazing plant, the more we realize we are only touching the tip of the iceberg. Do you think we will come to live for 130, 150, 200 years or more and be fit and healthy? Will cannabis encourage immortality? The answer is Yes! cannabis is the plant which will make the world a better and longer place for living.



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