Jamaican Weed versus Arizona Weed.

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Jamaica herbman

Pretty much, every stoner has a preference in what weed they smoke. The preference is not only based on the strain of weed but more importantly where and in what climate the weed was grown.

For years smokers have argued whether Arizona weed which is grown in dry desert conditions is better than Jamaican weed which is grown in tropical weather where there is more moisture.

Although more people claim that drier climate marijuana is better than tropical weather marijuana; Jamaican weed has consistently beat Arizona weed in blind smoke tests.

So what is the difference?

“Jamaican marijuana is stronger than Arizona marijuana, so right away it had a big advantage in a smoke test. Jamaican marijuana also carries a Caribbean flavor much the same way that food does. A ripe banana grown in Jamaica is way more delicious than a ripe banana grown anywhere in America. Coffee grown in the Blue Mountains in Jamaica is stronger and more flavorful than coffee grown in America. The same is true for marijuana. If it is grown form the earth, chances are the one from Jamaica will be better, “writes Willie Nelson in Jamaica’s Higher High, while explaining why Jamaican weed tends to win the Weed Challenge.

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The legendary war between two of the world’s most famous marijuana started back in the days of Bob Marley and the Wailers when Peter Tosh was advocating “Legalize it.” Arizona weed or Jamaican weed? With the promotion of Arizona weed by Snoop Dogg, Wiz Khalifa and other celebrities, many stoners have taken it for granted that it is the best weed. With almost every reggae artist and pop diva Rihanna preferring Jamaican weed, the two highly grade weed have been in an ongoing war.

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The Jamaican weed seems to be leading the race but as more states in the U.S. legalizes marijuana, things could change. In 1995, a poll was taken which clearly showed a definite preference for Jamaican weed over Arizona weed. During a blind smoke test, stoners were given a joint of Jamaican weed and another joint of Arizona weed, and asked which one they preferred. 7 times out of ten, the stoner would choose the Jamaican weed.

Although Jamaican weed may beat Arizona weed in quality, Arizona weed is consumed way more as it is difficult to get Jamaican weed off the island of only 3 million people.



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