Marijuana consumed with friends is priceless.

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There are some things that are better when they are done with company. Whether you are hanging with friends, spending intimate time with your lover or enjoying yourself at a party, marijuana is far better than alcohol when socializing.

The medical and therapeutic properties of marijuana have been the subject of numerous studies for many years; many of them have demonstrated a positive effect in treating diseases such as cancer, psychological syndromes such as autism, heals diabetes or mental disorders such as anxiety. The list is more or less extensive but little-known, as well as traditional media generally avoid disseminating information. Unexpectedly, these benefits can be even better when the activity of smoking marijuana recreationally is done in pairs.

These are the 5 benefits:

1. Marijuana helps couples to open up emotionally

One of the problems that happen in our life as a couple, is the difficult for some people to open their emotions and thoughts about subjectivity of the relationship. According to Dr. Julie Holland, a psychiatrist and author of several books about relationships, marijuana can help to overcome this obstacle by members of a couple to recognize their true feelings.

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2. Marijuana can reduce anxiety

In our brain there is a chemical compound known as anandamide, a neurotransmitter named after the Sanskrit word “ananda” (internal bliss or bearer of peace and inner happiness) the effect challenged in our mind. This, however, may be interrupted when responding fatty acid hydrolase, an enzyme associated with feelings of fear and anxiety.
As noted in Netherlands, cannabidiol marijuana suppresses amide hydrolase fatty acids and therefore allows anandamide to generate a positive response, thus it is reducing the anxiety.

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3. Improve the sexual life

According to various testimonies, marijuana may have a beneficial effect on the sex, as well allows relaxation and ease, both physically and emotionally.

4. Less violence.

In 2014, a study published in the journal Psychology of addictive behaviors between marijuana uses, where it shows that lowers the levels of violence. Nowadays, everybody knows that stoners are not violent people that they are so cool. Definitely, Marijuana reduces the violence in the world.

5. Smoking together

Shared interests are sometimes important element in a relationship; they allow members of the couple performing common activities and have more fun together, according to this survey, marijuana increases the levels of satisfaction and attraction.



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