Marijuana legalization could omit the need for a border wall, according to study.

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Marijuana Smuggling
Marijuana Smuggling

Marijuana legalization is what the united States needs and not the wall along the Mexican border that Donald Trump is fighting for, a new study finds.

The American people are growing tired and weary of the country’s leaders being at loggerheads on whether or not a wall should be built along the Mexican border.

It turns out that Donald Trump and the Republicans are fighting a very unnecessary war against the Democrats who oppose spending money on the building of the wall. The Democrats seem to be in the right as most people, especially millenials, agree that the world needs fewer walls and more bridges.

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It turns out that what the united States needs is marijuana legalization. A recent study proves that as more states legalize marijuana there is less illegal border crossing and drug smuggling.

The study was done by CATO institute and shows that it is not tighter border security that has caused the drop in illegal border crossings but rather the state level marijuana legalization that is occurring.

“State-level marijuana legalization has significantly undercut marijuana smuggling,” David Bier, an immigration policy analyst at Cato, wrote in the paper, published last week. “Based on Border Patrol seizures, smuggling has fallen 78 percent over just a five-year period. Because marijuana was the primary drug smuggled between ports of entry, where Border Patrol surveils, the value of the agency’s seizures overall — on a per-agent basis — has declined 70 percent.”

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Click here for the full CATO study and analysis.



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