Marijuana needs legalization without fertilization.

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Jamaican weed
Jamaican weed

When Reggae Music legend Peter Tosh sung “Legalize it”, chances are he was not thinking about the marijuana legalization we are seeing today. Living in Jamaica, marijuana farmers were no different than those who farmed other produce. The only exception is those that farmed marijuana, like those who used it, were subjected to police harassment, brutalization, and incarceration. This is what Tosh wanted to see come to an end. He most likely dreamt of a world where we would be free to plant and consume cannabis the same way people are free to plant a backyard garden.

What we are seeing today is marijuana legalization being overrun by big corporations. As a result, weed is becoming no different than cigarettes and alcohol. In fact, the major investors in the marijuana industry are tobacco and alcohol companies.

What these marijuana corporations are doing is poisoning the weed the same way food is being poisoned with the chemicals from fertilizers, insecticides and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO).

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As a result of corporate greed, cannabis users are facing issues that have never been faced by users in the history of the plant. According to Bloomberg, marijuana users are now experiencing the same symptoms by people who abuse cocaine and alcohol.

Below is an excerpt from Bloomberg.

Since Colorado legalized pot in 2014, emergency-room visits related to its use have spiked. Patients complain of repeated vomiting, racing hearts, [and] episodes of psychosis… On Colorado roads, the number of drivers involved in fatal crashes while under the influence of marijuana has more than doubled… [Corporations] marijuana smoke irritates the lungs and speeds the heart rate. Persistent use can lead to anxiety, panic attacks, social withdrawal, depression, and addiction.

If marijuana corporations had listened to reggae artiste, Bushman, who himself is a student of Peter Tosh and also advocates for marijuana legalization, we would not be in the situation we are now. In the song “Weed Greed” Bushman pleads for weed legalization while issuing a warning at the same time. “Just legalize it, don’t fertilize it,” the Rasta artiste sung.

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It is a known fact that cannabis contains natural chemicals and when it gets mixed with chemicals from the lab, it is difficult to predict the impact it will have on people.

Marijuana must be legalized but its farming must remain the traditional way not the corporate way, or else what we will have is just another cancer stick.



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