The Marley brothers are now the Marijuana brothers.

Marley brothers are now Marijuana brothers
Marley brothers are now Marijuana brothers

The marijuana industry is booming and the Marley brothers are poised to cash in on the new green gold economy.

If you have been following what is happening in marijuana you would have noticed that the Marleys have their names on numerous marijuana companies. If you have not been following, don’t worry, we will catch you up on all the happenings here as it pertain to Bob Marley and his sons.

First there is Marley Naturals, which uses Bob Marley’s name and likeness to market different marijuana products.
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Probably the Marley who is deepest in the marijuana business is Damian Marley. Not only has he converted a former California prison into a marijuana farm but his Stony Hill corporation now owns High Times, the biggest marijuana magazine in the United States.
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Ky-Mani Marley has started his marijuana business selling vapes and bongs. Ky-Mani says he talking to farmers and scientists about developing a strain in his name.
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Julian Marley is also in the marijuana business. He may end up competing with his brother, Ky-Mani, as Julian’s company, Dropleaf LLC, also markets bongs and vapes.
Read more about Julian marijuana ventures: Julian Marley is in the marijuana business

Ziggy and Stephen have not yet stepped into the marijuana business but it is safe to say that is is only a matter of time.



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