How To Protect Your Weed From Mold.

Moldy weed
Moldy weed

Mold in weed is an issue which we rarely face but when it happens it can be a big problem. Below we provided you with tips how to take care of it. Mold is mostly seen in the places where the humidity is at high level, while for those who live in dry climates, mold is a rare concern. If you smoke moldy weed it can cause serious health complications such as:

• Coughing
• Trouble breathing
• Headaches
• Vomiting
• Diahrrea
• Heart palpitations
• Pneumonitis – inflammation of the walls of the alveoli in the lungs
• Aspergilloma – mold growth in the lungs

If it just started to grow sometimes is not visible, but after when it s spreading than you can see it with your eyes. There are 5 main types of mold that affect on cannabis: Aspergillus, Penicillium, Rhizopus, Mucor, and the devastating Botrytis.

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Probably you all have seen mold, for the ones that are not it appears as; Black spots or spores White, grey, brown, or yellow fuzz.

The causes of moldy buds

Mold comes when there is moisture and lack of air circulation. Most of the mold actually starts after harvest. If moisture is too high in the drying process, mold will take hold. Some people like to use fruit peels to add moisture or flavor to buds that are too dry, inadvertently infecting them with spores from the fruit. Some less scrupulous growers or black market dealers might try to moisten weed to add weight, then store it in airtight containers, causing mold to occur. I have even known some people who would bury weed bricks in the backyard to “mature” them, intentionally causing mold in the false logic that it would increase potency.

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In order to prevent moldy weed, you have to mechanically ( with your hands) remove the moldy parts, than dry it out a bit with a drier or by leaving it exposed to the air in a warm dry place for a couple of days and watch it carefully.

The best way to store weed is in a dark container, preferably glass one, vacuum packed, than put it in a fridge and it will last long.



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