Psychoanalysis and DNA were Accomplished While High.

So high on Anthony Malvo new song
So high on Anthony Malvo new song

Being high is not just a word which describes that you are high, Being high means you are creative, more intelligent and ready to invent something. Being high makes you change something in the world, good manners and being brave. A lot of things have been discovered while being high. We have separated couple of them below:

1. Psychoanalysis

Psychoanalysis is one of the most controversial and influential theories of the 20th century. This achievement or worth success was discovered by Sigmund Freud. Cocaine, the first ten years of Sigmund Freud’s career were like a roving cocaine pep rally. He prescribed cocaine to his friends for headaches, nasal ailments or just to “give (their) cheeks a red color.” After all, why whore yourself up with makeup when you can get the same effect with a little cocaine?

Freud wrote unintentionally hilarious letters to his wife promising to show her what happens to a woman in the hands of a “wild man with cocaine in his blood.” Oh, and he wrote an entire book called On Cocaine that’s basic thesis was: Cocaine is fucking awesome. You should really think about trying some.

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After one of his friends died from the drug, Freud quietly folded up his cocaine pom-poms and sweater skirt combo, and went on to found the theory that was named after him. But a respected Freud biographer seems to think the drug played a huge role in the less embarrassing, second act of his career.

In those letters to his wife bragging that he was a cocaine fueled sex machine, the man who created the talking cure said he most relied on the drug to untie his tongue. Louise Breger, who is something called a professor emeritus of Psychoanalytics Studies at the California Institute of Technology, suggests that before Freud experimented with the drug, he was an emotionally sterile, socially awkward guy in a lab coat. Cocaine not only untied his tongue, it turned him into the chatty Cathy that wanted to discuss how you felt about your mother.

2. DNA

Francis Crick is the master of the human genetics. It all started with him bursting through the door and rambling about two spirals twisting in the opposite direction from one another. His family pretended he is crazy, but it occurred the opposite. He discovered the key of our life and got a Nobel Prize, but here LSD Helped him a lot, because it didn’t turn him into some genius by itself, his discovery required quite a bit of theoretical, analytical and spatial thinking. He liked Aldous Huxley quotes which say; the sober mind has a series of filters that prevent abstract thought.

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The double helix is essentially the Sgt. Peppers of scientific models, a ladder that’s been melted and twirled by a pasta fork, or the two snakes from the caduceus if one of them was fucking the other with 100 dicks (depending on whether the artist ate the good or bad acid).

Now obviously scientists don’t arrive at models by doodling on their trapper keeper and picking out the shape that looks the coolest. To do what Crick did required an insane amount of analytical, theoretical, and spatial thinking. It’s not like Crick dropped out of high school and then used acid to turn himself into a super genius.



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