Tricks to make your Marijuana seeds germinate successfully.

Marijuana seeds
Marijuana seeds

Do you need to assist you in the germination of your cannabis seeds? Among other things, always remember to handle them with clean products, controlling moisture and temperature and choose the method that best suits your tastes or needs. It is a simple process but requires great care, because it will depend on your future cultivation.

Germination is probably the most delicate and decisive process of growing our marijuana future time. While the planting season, it is necessary to note that the health of the seeds depend on the plant to grow or die along the way (even before birth). Here we suggest some tips for any grower to keep full and constant control over the germination of plants. Among other things, we must remember that good hydration, an adequate level of warmth and delicacy will be essential for success in the work.

Process control

Germination is the process by which a seed grows into a plant. It happens when the embryo swells and the seed coat breaks. To accomplish this, any new plant requires basic elements for its development: temperature, water, oxygen and mineral salts. First you have to enter the seeds in water (preferably mineral) and wait 24 hours until they open and let see the tip of the root.

Subsequently, the combination of peat and seed will be placed in a small pot. Approximately 48 hours later we can see that he was born a small stalk that protrudes from the mob.

Treat the seeds delicately

A cannabis seed is a very sensitive and small size product, in this sense it is necessary to ensure that the work area is clean , including washing hands before handling the product and even use tweezers to not touch it with any part of the body . It is recommended always to close with antibacterial soap to wash all utensils needed.

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Having all the tools from the beginning

The tools are very important in this process so that the seeds are not too exposed to external agents that alter their properties. Therefore, it is best to have at home all of the needed tools. Such as; glasses, mineral water, duct tape and a pen to identify the type of seeds (if we go to germinate different varieties), pellets of dried peat or soil and containers which let nature take its course.

Monitor your hydration

The amount of water needed is critical to germinate. So they will have to be in contact with moisture for a whole day to fully re-hydrate, until you exit the beginning of the root. The same will be done with the dried peat or soil, but it will take just a few minutes to either absorb all the liquid they need. It will be necessary to remove excess drain; otherwise, we could cause tissue stretch and mold attack seeds. In any case, do not allow, under any circumstances, that the seeds to dry; otherwise, the root which has being born will die. Some experts recommend using mineral water, others believe that the ideal is the rain.

Control temperature levels

The seeds germinate best at warmer temperatures, although excess heat is not advisable. For example, when immersed in water during the first stage it is recommended to keep between 24 and 28 degrees Celsius. Although they cannot be used as lighting for growth just generate heat . Some people also are heating pads placed under the seeds to help a little germination. Others even use the heat of an appliance (such as put up a refrigerator) to facilitate the process.

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Break resistant seeds

Some varieties of cannabis seeds often generate too hard shell. This means that when exposed to plenty of water for a long period of time does not open to let out some of the root. In such cases it is recommended sanding (very slightly) the surface and even tighten the skin gently by using gloves. This is not to break the seed into pieces but crack its foreign natural fiber so that the water can penetrate and, finally germinate.

Protection systems

If you are in planting season and so far, the weather is good, you can get the seedlings outside past few days; except, for example, when a spring shower of from ‘April waters thousand’ falls. Another common threat this time is the night cold. And you can even hail. As we have our brand new Sprout, and we do not want to spoil babies who have just produced, it is time to protect them from the weather, but also of bugs and lizards that can look buds with eyes too sweet tooth. For this you can use small greenhouses or covered with small plastic pots, for example reusing water bottles cut in half.

Following these tips and choosing the models you prefer your seeds should germinate healthy and strong in a few months, try to have good marijuana plants, in perfect condition and you will surely enjoy after all the effort. It’s time to get practicing for when the moment of truth arrives.



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