10-Year-old boy with autism arrested in Florida.

10-year-old arrested
10-year-old arrested

A 10-year boy being arrested is something that you expect to happen in Florida but something you would think only happen to Black children. Well, it did happen in Florida as expected but this time the 10-year-old boy is white.

Private prisons need inmates to keep the cells filled and stockholders happy, so law enforcement officers are being given illegal kickbacks to keep prisons filled. So now now no one is exempt, you could be 9 or 99, police do not need a good reason to haul you off to jail.

The boy’s mother watched with horror as deputies him at school last week for an incident she said took place last year. To make matters worse, the little boy has autism but that did not matter to the cop.

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Luanne Haygood filmed her son’s April 12 arrest on her cell phone, capturing him crying out in confusion as Okeechobee County Sheriff deputies handcuffed him and led him to a sheriff’s vehicle.

“I don’t know what’s going on, mama!” the little boy shouted as his mom tried to get answers from the deputies.

“He has autism. He doesn’t know what’s going on,” Haygood is heard telling the deputies.

The poor little boy had to spend the night in jail.

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According to her, deputies arrested the child after a school resource officer identified him as having an outstanding warrant for assault ― something that Haygood is heard saying in the video that they weren’t aware of.

Her son allegedly kicked a teacher last fall and had recently returned to school on Wednesday for mandatory testing after being homebound. Haywood says this behavior is related to him having autism.



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