15-Year-Old girl and Pastor have sex in church.

Pastor has sex with 15 year old girl
Pastor has sex with 15 year old girl

A Delaware County pastor is in jail after admitting he had sex with a 15-year-old girl at his church.

Yorktown, Delaware police records obtained by 18 Karat Reggae show Pastor Terry Dobbs admitted to crossing the line with the girl, who she started visiting him at Old Fashion United Baptist Church in Yorktown for counseling. The 15-year old claims she and the pastor started talking about kissing and started doing so. That reportedly lead to touching and eventually having sex at least three times at the church.

Police served search warrants at both the church and at Dobbs’ home after learning he and the teenager also exchanged nude photos by cell phone and computer.

Police records show during questioning at the Yorktown Police Department, the pastor gave a full confession. After the confession, Officer Larry Harless handcuffed the church leader and transported him to jail.

“I told him when we were on our way up to the jail, this impacts not only his family, but the victim’s family, the church, the congregation, the community in general. It’s a black eye on everybody,” Harless said. “We have a great community. But every now and then evil comes into your community and it happens and this time it happened to us.”

The six felony charges against Dobbs include three counts of sexual misconduct with a minor, vicarious sexual gratification with a minor, child exploitation and child solicitation.

“Fifteen years old, that is crazy,” said Justin Bandy, who lives near the church and can see it when he walks out his front door. “That is not good, because I am waiting on my 13-year-old daughter to get off the school bus right now.”

A deputy at the Delaware County Jail says it is likely Dobbs will spend the weekend at the jail.

Harless says the pastor has been married for about 20 years.

Police expect to send their case against Dobbs to the prosecutor’s office by the middle of next week. Harless believes it is an isolated case so far and that there are no other victims.



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