If Ahmad Khan Rahami was Black, he would be dead right now.

Ahmad Khan Rahami
Ahmad Khan Rahami

The man suspected of planting bombs throughout New York and New Jersey as captured alive after a police shootout. Can you imagine if he was a Black man? Why wasn’t Amadou Diallo that lucky?

Rahami, the suspected terrorist was found sleeping in a hallway and when confronted by a police, he shot the cop whose life was spared by his bulletproof vest. Rahami is still alive after that, but imagine if he was Black? Why wasn’t Eric Garner that lucky?

Rahami then fired on another police officer who was sitting in his cruiser. The bullet grazed the officer’s head but he was not seriously injured. It is difficult to believe that Rahami is still alive after that. How many Black men who never fired at police and did not even have a gun in their possession has been murdered by police? If only Michael Brown was as lucky as Ahmad Khan Rahami.

After the shooting at the second officer, Rahami ran down the street shooting indiscriminately at other officers before them took him down, alive. In fact, he was alive and conscious as they took him to the hospital. Boy, is Rahami a luck man or what? Can you imagine if he was Black? Why couldn’t Dontre Hamilton be that lucky?

To all the people who are condemning Colin Kaepernick for not saluting the pledge of allegiance makes the fact that Rahami is still alive after his confrontation with the police sink in.

Sources say that federal prosecutors have already drafted charges against Rahami, and they could be announced as early as Monday. It is unclear exactly what the charges would be, but sources say they are likely related to use of IEDs.



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